The ‘Lee Jae-myung system’ has become more solid… Shall I throw away the screaming world or embrace it?

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was at risk of arrest, took the opportunity to regain his position as a central figure in the opposition party with the court’s dismissal of the warrant on the 27th. As the internal conflict within the party intensified after the National Assembly passed the motion for arrest on the 21st, Representative Lee, who came back alive with greater control over the party, stood at a crossroads between ‘unification’ and ‘retribution’. There is speculation within the party that Representative Lee will show a unified move for the time being to lead the by-election for Gangseo-gu mayor in Seoul to victory on October 11, which is considered a barometer for the general election in April next year.

Representative Lee, who left the Seoul Detention Center in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province, at around 4 a.m. on this day, immediately returned to his duties, including a phone call with Jin Kyo-hoon, candidate for Gangseo-gu mayor, at Green Hospital in Jungnang-gu, Seoul in the afternoon. Representative Lee said to Candidate Jin, “This election is a ‘regime judgment’ election and a prelude to next year’s general election. “We must win,” he reportedly said. Representative Lee plans to take care of his duties from his hospital bed, including receiving a report on the status of the Gangseo-gu mayor election from Secretary General Jo Jung-sik on the 28th and discussing pending issues in the National Assembly with new floor leader Hong Ik-pyo in the afternoon.

With the arrest warrant dismissed, attention is메이저놀이터 being paid to whether the intense party internal conflict sparked by the passage of the arrest motion will be resolved. At the Supreme Council meeting that day, floor leader Hong Ik-pyo said, “Under our party’s clear principles and standards, we will do our best to move forward as a Democratic Party that is resolute against antagonism and division and respects difference and diversity. “Now we are one team again,” he said. Representative Lee’s statement right after the arrest warrant was dismissed, “I hope we return to politics in the true sense of the word, not a war in which we kill and eliminate opponents,” is interpreted as a message that was intended not only for the relationship with the government and the ruling party, but also for “unification within the party.” .

However, leading members of the pro-Lee Jae-myeong group are still raising their voices, saying that action is needed against the member who passed the arrest motion. Senior Supreme Council member Chung Cheong-rae said at the Supreme Council meeting, “The Democratic Party members of the ruling faction must also repent and atone,” and “The cost of the damage must be calculated.” Another Supreme Council member also said in a phone call with the Hankyoreh, “If the number of party member petitions (demanding disciplinary action against lawmakers who passed the vote) exceeds 50,000, there will come a situation where the party will have to provide a response. “Also, in the past, (Representative Lee Jae-myung) ordered an inspection for actions that undermine the unity of the party, and such an order may be necessary this time as well,” he said.

However, there are speculations that Representative Lee will not create another source of internal strife for the time being in order to maintain a single team ahead of the Gangseo-gu mayor election. After many twists and turns, including a hunger strike, an arrest motion being passed, and a warrant being dismissed, the party leadership was reorganized into a ‘pro-Myung monopoly system’ and even some judicial risks were eliminated, so there is no practical benefit to be gained from the noisy conflict situation. One re-elected lawmaker said, “We have won, so there seems to be no need to rush. He expressed his expectations, saying, “For the time being, I think CEO Lee will show his ‘cool side’ of supporting the non-profit world.”

Attention is focused on what kind of plans Representative Lee, who will return to party work in earnest after the Chuseok holiday, will reveal on the issue of appointing the appointed top member, which was left vacant due to the resignation of Supreme Council member Song Gap-seok, as well as △disciplinary action on lawmakers who passed the motion for arrest, and △establishing a unified party organization. .

Representative Lee’s true intentions are expected to be decided in next year’s general election nominations, which will begin in earnest at the end of the year. There are predictions that Representative Lee will try to recruit a large number of pro-Myung faction figures to the constituency where non-alignment lawmakers belong.

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