Han Moon-cheol refutes the 120,000 won windbreaker controversy, saying, “Would I sell jumpers to make money?”

Mooncheol Han, a lawyer who specializes in traffic accidents, directly refuted the controversy over the high price of windbreaker jumpers being sold.

On the 27th, a lawyer posted a video on the YouTube channel ‘Han Moon-cheol TV’ titled ‘An accident in which a person crashed into a passing bus while jaywalking across the street in a drunken state wearing black clothes at night. ‘

In the video, a lawyer said, “If he had worn bright clothes instead of black, he would have been seen from afar. “It is very dangerous to wear black clothes at night,” he said.

A lawyer continued, “I developed clothes that are slightly more visible than white clothes. “We prepared it since last spring,” he said, referring to the controversial jumper and revealing footage of the jumper’s semi-luminous functionality test.

In the video of the experiment, a lawyer wearing a semi-luminous jumper turns off the office lights and shines a flashlight at himself, saying, “If you wear white clothes, you won’t be able to see well even if a car over 30 meters long turns on its headlights. “(Semi-glossy clothes) are visible even with low beam lights turned on from 100 meters away,” he explained.

One lawyer said, “I thought I developed and made semi-gloss outdoor shoes, but when I searched (on a portal site), I found out that they were made by a famous brand about 10 years ago. Even if I try to save it (now), I can’t save it. “I wanted to buy it, but it was sold for 400,000 won (at the time),” he said.

He continued, “I found one sold by스포츠토토 a very cheap Chinese brand, so I bought it and compared it, and the materials were completely different. For example, it was a golf wear raincoat and a disposable raincoat. You will know when you touch it. “Please try it on,” he added.

Previously, on the 21st, a lawyer revealed the online mall website address through the YouTube community, saying, ‘A semi-glossy jumper that has never existed in the world, Han Moon-cheol’s Magic Shield Windbreaker is released.’ The semi-gloss jumper is being sold for 149,000 won (13% discount price of 129,000 won). It is said that a total of 2,000 copies were produced and about 100 have been sold so far.

However, a controversy arose in the online community over the price of the jumper, saying it was too expensive.

In response to this, a lawyer said in a live video conducted on the same day, “Would I have made these clothes to sell them? “If 100 copies of this are sold, the sales price is 12.9 million won,” he said. “If I take on a case, the fee is 20 to 30 million won.” Even if they ask me to take charge of such a case, they say, ‘Do it alone.’ If I take on one or two cases a day, it’s like selling hundreds of cases. “Do I do this because I want to make money?” he countered.

He said, “I’m doing this because I want to let everyone know that something like this exists and it will help with safety. If you sell at cost price, who does the work? “The cost is much more expensive than the 13,000 won product made in China,” he emphasized. “They say (in the media) that I received criticism from netizens, but I don’t think it’s criticism, I think it’s because I don’t know.”

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