There was no fire… A house covered in ‘pink powder’ and a mess

In an apartment in Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, fire extinguishing powder exploded while an automatically activated fire extinguisher was installed in the event of a fire. There was no fire, but the whole house was a mess.

Reporter Seunghwan Lee covered the story.


Drilling a hole in the kitchen ceiling of an apartment.

Turn it clockwise and insert the white, round object.

This is an ‘automatic diffusion fire extinguisher’.

However, something went wrong and I started to turn it in the opposite direction, and suddenly fire extinguishing powder came out.

[Oh really!]

The entire kitchen and veranda were covered in pink powder.

I couldn’t use home appliances such메이저사이트 as air purifiers, and

[Wow, what should I do with this? Really. {It’s all piled up, pink powder.} No, it’s just at the bottom. It’s probably all piled up on the sides as well.] I spent

1 million won to clean it, but I couldn’t remove all the powder that got into every crevice.

[Victim Homeowner: The adsorption power is very strong. [My wife is currently in the process of removing each and every item and cleaning them again.]

This accident was caused by management office employees who had no installation experience.

[Apartment management office manager: ‘During installation, I turned it a little harder.’ That’s what the employee said. It will be handled by the insurance company.]

A license is not required to install an automatic diffusion fire extinguisher.

Anyone can install it, but if it is not installed properly, the fire extinguisher may fall or not work in case of a fire.

[Gong Ha-seong/Professor, Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention, Woosuk University: Since professional construction is necessary, the system needs to be improved to ensure that construction is done by professionally qualified personnel.]

Damage from the haphazard installation of firefighting facilities is entirely the responsibility of the residents.

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