In response to the proposal for a ‘President-Lee Jae-myung meeting’, the National Power Party says, “It doesn’t fit the bill,” and the Democratic Party asks, “Are you a despot?”

On the 29th, the ruling and opposition parties fought over Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, over his proposal for a ‘people’s livelihood summit’.

On this day, Representative Lee proposed a ‘people’s livelihood summit’ to President Yoon Seok-yeol through Facebook, saying, “I hope that the president and the opposition leader can meet without conditions, discuss the people’s livelihood and state affairs candidly, and do what can be done quickly.” .

The ruling party then immediately refuted Representative Lee’s proposal. Kang Min-guk, senior spokesperson for the People Power Party, commented, “The president is the representative of the people and not the president of the ruling party, so it is a natural basis of parliamentary democracy for representatives of the ruling and opposition parties to meet and discuss issues related to people’s livelihoods to be discussed in the National Assembly.” urged. Chief Spokesperson Kang said, “I hope that you will not get hung up on identity laundering talks that dilute your responsibility as a criminal defendant through a meeting with an unsuitable president, but that you first show sincerity in the talks between the ruling and opposition party leaders in order to restore true politics for the people’s livelihood.”

Regarding Representative Lee’s judicial risk, Chief Spokesperson Kang added, “It is questionable the Democratic Party’s mental victory that acts as if they were not guilty even though the arrest warrant was only dismissed due to the privilege of being the representative of a major political party토토사이트.” Floor spokesperson Jang Dong-hyuk also commented, “It is doubtful whether a reversal card was necessary since it was acknowledged that the crime was proven in the substantive examination of the warrant. He criticized, “The order would be to respond to the party leader meeting already proposed by Representative Kim Ki-hyun.”

On the other hand, the Democratic Party urged President Yoon to respond to Lee’s proposal for a representative meeting. Park Seong-joon, spokesperson for the Democratic Party, emphasized in a written briefing, “If you truly want to take care of the people’s livelihood and revive the economy, do not insult the opposition party and agree to the leadership meeting.” Spokesperson Park criticized the People Power Party, saying, “The main opposition party leader’s proposal for a summit meeting was unexpected.” He countered by saying, “What kind of despot is the president if his meetings with the president are not up to par?” and “How long will he continue to insult the opposition party leader under the pretext of manipulating the investigation?”

Spokesperson Park also said, “We cannot help but deplore the ruling party’s reckless political offensive that is still trying to shackle Representative Lee despite the court’s dismissal of the warrant,” and “We have refused to talk with the opposition party for the past year and a half.” He criticized, “It is the People Power Party that has carried out a political offensive by only shouting that it is bulletproof.”

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