Most marriages took place in Sejong and Ulsan, while divorces took place in Incheon and North Chungcheong Province.

Although the population is continuously decreasing due to the worsening low birth rate, the cumulative number of marriages from January to July of this year increased by 7.2% compared to last year. During the same period, the number of divorces based on marriage also increased by 1.2% compared to last year, but the increase did not reach the number of marriages. As of last July, the region in the country with the highest number of marriages per 1,000 people (crude marriage rate) was Sejong, and the regions with the highest number of divorces per 1,000 people (crude divorce rate) were Incheon and North Chungcheong. Marriages and divorces are counted based on the husband’s address.

According to the population trends of Statistics Korea on the 30th, the national average early marriage rate in July was 3.3. The region with the highest early marriage rate was Sejong, with 3.7 cases스포츠토토. It is analyzed that the city has the highest early marriage rate in the country as many young civil servants and researchers of marriageable age reside here. Ulsan followed with 3.6 cases. Ulsan is Korea’s representative industrial city in the automobile and shipbuilding industries, and the rate of young workers is higher than other regions, so the early marriage rate appears to be high.

This was followed by Seoul with 3.5 cases, Gyeonggi with 3.4 cases, and Incheon with 3.3 cases, with the child marriage rate in the metropolitan area slightly exceeding the national average or equal to the average. Daejeon, Chungnam, Gangwon, and Jeju had the same 3.2 cases, followed by Daegu with 3.1 cases. Gwangju and Chungbuk had 2.9 cases, Jeonbuk and Jeonnam had 2.8 cases, Gyeongbuk and Gyeongnam had 2.7 cases, and Busan had the fewest cases at 2.6. Last July, Busan was the region with the fewest marriage registrations in the country compared to the population.

Last July, the national average crude divorce rate was calculated to be 1.7. The regions with the highest crude divorce rate in the country were Incheon and North Chungcheong Province, with 2.1 cases. Jeonbuk followed with 2.0 cases. Chungnam, Jeonnam, and Jeju exceeded the average with 1.9 cases, Gangwon and Gyeongnam with 1.8 cases, and Busan, Daejeon, Ulsan, Gyeonggi, and Gyeongbuk recorded 1.7 cases, which were at the national average. Daegu had 1.6 cases, Gwangju had 1.5 cases, and Sejong had the fewest divorced couples in the country, with 1.1 cases.

Since divorce is usually predicated on marriage, the number of divorces is generally proportional to the number of marriages. However, Sejong was unusually selected as the city with the most marriages in the country and the city with the fewest divorces. This result is also analyzed to be due to the low proportion of the elderly population as Sejong is a planned city.

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