“We are not North Korea,” a North Korean official said after the inter-Korean confrontation.

“We are not North Korea . We are스포츠토토 the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. That is not right. At the Asian Games, all country names must be called correctly.” At the Olympic Sports Center in Hangzhou, China, on the afternoon of the 29th

. At the official press conference held after the North-South women’s basketball match at the Hangzhou Asian Games at the basketball court, a North Korean national team official raised his voice and said this.

When reporters used the country’s name, North Korea, while asking questions to North Korean director Seong-sim Jeong, a North Korean official present at the press conference blocked the answer and suddenly raised his voice. He expressed displeasure at the expression ‘North Korea’.

Previously, when a foreign reporter asked a question about the unified North and South Korean team five years ago, the official dismissed the question by saying, “I don’t think that question is related to this game.” 

As such, the confrontation between North and South Korea was cold both before and after the game.

Kang Yi-seul, a national team player who played for the unified North and South Korean team five years ago, said, “We talked about not turning away when an opponent falls, but to go first and help him or her up, but there was no such situation during the game. It seemed like the opponent was avoiding it intentionally.” “There were a few players who intentionally didn’t make eye contact and didn’t give a high five at the end, which was a bit upsetting,” he said.

Coach Jeong Sum-shim said at the official press conference, “I am happy to participate in the 19th Asian Olympic Games. I would like to thank the many comrades in China who prepared a lot for this competition. Today’s match did not go well, but the match He said, “I can win or I can lose. I will show a great game in the future,” and did not leave any comments regarding Korea.

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