Mr. Naeun was finally unable to see the ‘severe punishment of the perpetrator’

Kwon Na-eun (33), who had been receiving constant threats and cyber stalking from an Internet broadcaster (BJ) she had been dating for two months, finally passed away on the 19th. Mr. Naeun collapsed and fell into unconsciousness on February 27th while pursuing criminal proceedings against the perpetrator for two years. Naeun’s family, who are now called ‘survivors’, said, “Our child was abandoned by society.” What has changed and what has not changed since Naeun’s story became known to the world through a report in the Kyunghyang Shinmun last April?

Prosecutor General: “We will do our best to bring acceptance to the victim’s family.”

Three weeks after Mr. A, who was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation for threatening and stalking, submitted an appeal, Naeun collapsed. Mr. Naeun, who was taken to the emergency room of Sinchon Severance Hospital on February 27th, fell into a state of unconsciousness early in the morning the next day. She was later transferred to a rehabilitation hospital in Incheon to continue her treatment.

The first trial court acknowledged all charges, including violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (defamation) and attempted coercion, as applied to Mr. A, but sentenced him to probation considering the fact that he had no history of criminal punishment exceeding a fine. . At the time of the investigation into Mr. A, the stalking punishment law was not in effect, so no charges were applied.

The Kyunghyang Shinmun reported Naeun’s story on April 26. It contains the story of Naeun’s family, whose daily life was disrupted, as well as the problems of Mr. A’s threats and harsh punishments, who took the fact that Mr. Naeun works in the public relations team of a large company as a weakness.

On April 27, the day after the report, Prosecutor General Lee Won-seok issued an order to the Incheon District Prosecutors’ Office in charge of Naeun’s case, saying, “Do your best to ensure that the appeals court at least delivers a sentence that the victim’s family can accept.”

Specifically, the Incheon District Prosecutors’ Office, which is in charge of Naeun’s appeal, was instructed to additionally collect and analyze the data necessary for the appellate sentencing so that a higher sentence could be imposed than the first trial. He also requested that family members and acquaintances be broadly guaranteed the right to testify at trial so that they can come to court and testify on Naeun’s behalf.

The lawyer in charge of Naeun’s criminal case submitted a written opinion containing Naeun’s health condition and the situation of her family at the request of the prosecution at the end of May.

After 203 days of being unconscious, he ascends to heaven… “A precious child.

However, Naeun will not be able to see the end of the lawsuit in person. Mr. Naeun died at the rehabilitation hospital where he was hospitalized at around 1:26 pm on the 19th. It was her 203rd day in coma. Her family explained that the impact of COVID-19, which she contracted at the hospital a month before her death, was significant.

Father Kwon Young-woo said, “At the end of his illness, he showed signs of responding to external stimuli, such as making eye contact with family members and rolling his pupils in the direction of sounds.” He added, “I had hopes that I would regain consciousness soon. “I was unable to overcome the ambush of COVID-19, which I contracted from a medical staff member in the car,” he said. About 500 mourners attended Naeun’s funeral, which was held at her funeral home in Incheon.

The appeal hearing did not begin until seven months after her case was filed. Currently, both the perpetrator스포츠토토 A and the prosecutor have submitted reasons for appeal to the court. Five lawyers were named on Mr. A’s list of representatives.

Kwon plans to continue her lawsuit on behalf of her daughter, who has left her world behind. We had just completed the process of applying for her adult guardianship, but now she was a ‘survivor’ and had to go through the remaining legal proceedings. Mr. Kwon said, “Our Naeun was a really smart kid. She worked well and did not criticize others. “It would be such a waste to let a child like that go like this without even being able to demonstrate his talent properly,” he said, crying.

“Judge, I ask you to do everything in your power to be lenient and sentence the defendant to a prison sentence so that he can have the opportunity to sincerely repent and reflect and live as a member of society with the right values ​​when he returns to society.” The petition for severe punishment submitted by Naeun to the first trial court in October 2021 ended like this.

On June 21, when Naeun was lying in a hospital bed, the amendment to the Stalking Crime Punishment Act passed the National Assembly. The plan was to abolish the anti-punishment clause so that the perpetrator can be punished regardless of the victim’s will, and to report and punish all acts such as posting and distributing personal information and location information, impersonating the victim online, etc. as cyber stalking. If that law had existed, would Mr. Naeun’s death have been prevented? Otherwise, in reality, the law could not protect, save, or save Naeun.

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