“This should be used as a Samsung advertisement.” Swift’s face, which looked like a dot, becomes clear when enlarged 100 times. High praise for ‘Galaxy Phone’

The Galaxy S23 Ultra , a high-end smartphone released by Samsung Electronics in February, has recently become a hot topic among overseas netizens due to a video of singer Taylor Swift performing.

On the 1st, a post titled ‘Samsung Galaxy phones causing a stir overseas’ appeared in multiple domestic online communities. The post contained an 18-second video of singer Taylor Swift 안전놀이터performing.

This video was posted on Taylor Swift fan’s Instagram account ‘ queen.taylor.swiftie ‘ last month, and the account owner wrote on this video, “Samsung (Galaxy) S23 Ultra should use this as an advertisement. It’s really crazy.” He also praised the Galaxy S23 Ultra, saying, “The quality is on a whole new level.”

Because the videographer was watching Taylor Swift from high up in the vast concert hall, the singer appears like a small dot at the beginning of the video. However, when I took a picture using the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s ‘Space Zoom’ function, which can magnify up to 100 times, I was able to see Taylor Swift’s face and singing passionately as clearly as if I was watching it right in front of me. As of the 1st, this video received more than 1.497 million likes and over 4,100 comments.

One netizen who saw this post commented, “iPhone users will say it is an unnecessary feature, but if Apple introduces this feature to the iPhone 29 Pro Max, they will scream like a child.” In addition , comments such as “Try taking a picture of the moon at night. It’s crazy,” “Time to switch to Samsung,” and “As an iPhone user, I’m jealous of the image quality and zoom of the S23 camera.” Additionally, a netizen presumed to be a BTS fan wrote, “This is why Yoongi (Suga) said ‘Only Galaxy.’ ”

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is a top-of-the-line phone with the highest specifications among the smartphones released by Samsung Electronics. It is equipped with a 200-megapixel camera, the highest ever in smartphone history, and a 6.8-inch Quad HD 120Hz edge display.

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