The person who got rid of private debt… how?

Lee Ki-dong once worked for a voice phishing organization, but is now helping victims of illegal private loans.

Mr. Lee directly deals with private loan sharks to resolve the issue for victims who have repaid the principal and statutory interest.

<Loan shark> Hello.
<Lee Ki-dong> Hello. You know Mr. 000, right?
<Loanloan> Who are you?
<Lee Ki-dong> This is Director Lee Ki-dong of the Korea Financial Crime Prevention Research Center.
<Loanloan> So?
<Lee Ki-dong> I lent you 2 million won and received 3.6 million won. Do you have more money to receive?
<Loan shark> What is it? I’m going to make a phone call now.
<Lee Dong-dong> If you play for money, you don’t have to do it right. Now, my mother has reported that the situation is very bad, so please put an end to it. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

<Interview> Lee Ki-dong / Director of Korea Financial Crime Prevention Research Center
If you are afraid of such things and hide and give all the money you want, you will become a slave to fraudsters for the rest of your life and all your salary from the company will be taken away for the rest of your life. If you go into our cafe, I would have reported you a long time ago.

He emphasizes that in order to solve the illegal loan problem, we must first regulate the illegal loan sharks’ powerful weapons, Daepo phones and Daepo bank accounts.

They are acting out because they are holding someone else’s bank account. It’s malicious collection. Also, cannon phones, which are used for incoming and outgoing calls in all financial crimes, must disappear. 3516 He’s acting so bravely because he’s holding a phone in someone else’s name.

Although he has met many victims, he said he has rarely seen illegal loan sharks properly punished.

If you use someone else’s bank account during the collection process, you will be punished for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act. And if you inform a third party during the collection process and collect illegally, you will be punished for joint blackmail and extortion. Even though it only takes five cases, the detectives who lack general experience send it away, saying this is a civil case. Since they talk about a small amount of 200,000 won or 300,000 won, it is not even worth investigating for the investigative agency. Now, if there are nude pictures or other videos in there, this is a violent incident, so let’s make a move. It’s just like this. Private loan sharks come out in full force. Oh, the police can’t catch me. Ah, if you get caught for this, it’s a fine. So, only the victims die in the middle.

Woojin Lee, who makes and sells dog food, once took out 50 private loans.

Mr. Woojin was originally an insurance planner and asset planner.

When he thought he had made some money, he started trying his hand at several businesses, including a cafe, a pork cutlet shop, and a health club.

<Interview> Woojin Lee
We also provide business financing when (advertisements) appear in internet cafes. I will give you 500 million to 3 billion won. Like this, there is just a text and a number written down, and when you call, you answer. Hello, CEO. I got a call saying, I never even thought of him as a loan shark.

In a hurry, I started borrowing money, but soon had to pay a huge amount of interest.

If you take out a loan of 10 million won, you pay 640 won and repay 2.8 million won and 2.6 million won over 4 weeks. Skip the week you received it and 4 weeks after that. So in the end, you borrow 600 and repay 1,000 over 5 weeks. The system is so…

As we borrowed money from various companies and repeatedly borrowed money, larger and larger amounts were being taken out as principal and interest. It’s been 6 months since I repeated the process of ejaculating, paying back, being pushed away and paying back. I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore.

I started by calculating how much money was given and received. While watching that, I have to watch Shobu with these guys.
Anyway, if you have been trading for a long time, the interest has already been incurred and the principal amount has already been exceeded. I was told to take 10 million won and repay 20 million won스포츠토토, but I only paid 15 million won. Then I’m out with you.

Principal 300 million, interest 200 million. The total amount repaid over 6 months is 500 million won. It was a rough experience.

I was really working when I stumbled and fell down like this. I passed it six times. I’ve just been through hell for 5-6 months.

I held out as long as I could despite the illegal collection.

I will cut your parents to pieces. I swear like this. huh. okay. Come to work. Come quickly and chop me up. Then they are leaving now. Goes. Goes. And I hang up the phone. But he doesn’t come.

Woojin likes dogs. He recently founded an abandoned dog shelter and takes care of puppies. My goal in the future is to spend time caring for dogs with like-minded people.

What does the future of life mean to him who has barely recovered from private debt?

Why do I fall apart because of lowly kids like that? I suffered damage because of them, but I’m just doing Dale Band here while I was eating. It’s the same as being cut this much. I want to prove that it’s not that big of a wound.

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