“It was a change for protection” SSG avoided the worst, it is possible to survive in the top 5 and regain 3rd place

 SSG Landers took a breather. Foreign pitcher Roenis Elias was nervous because he felt discomfort in his lower back, but it was not an injury that would interfere with his next appearance.

SSG won 9-7 in the 12th game of the season against NC Dinos of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 3rd. They were dragged down by giving up 3 runs in the first inning and 2 runs in the 3rd inning, but then turned the game around.

Starter Elias, who had a hard time allowing 5 runs through the 3rd inning, left the mound to the bullpen starting in the 4th inning. From the 4th inning, Lee Kun-wook, Choi Min-jun, Noh Kyung-eun, and Seo Jin-yong took the mound one after another.

As Elias, who had easily blocked the team for 6 to 7 innings, was dismissed early, the bench’s plan for mound management would have inevitably become complicated. Elias’ physical condition is very important in a situation where another foreign pitcher, Kirk McCarty, is unable to pitch for the remainder of the regular season due to injury.

The worst has been avoided. An SSG official said, “It is not in a condition that warrants a separate examination. “It was a change for protection so as not to overdo it,” he explained.

This is fortunate for SSG, which is still fighting to스포츠토토 survive in the top 5. With the 6th place KIA Tigers trailing by 1.5 games, if McCarty and Elias leave due to injury, the remainder of the regular season will inevitably be difficult for SSG.

Elias’ performance against NC on this day was not good due to back pain, but he is a pitcher who has pitched more than 6 innings in the last 4 consecutive games. He throws the longest among the SSG starting lineup. He is a pitch

In fact, it will not be easy for McCarty to return to the stage in the fall. Therefore, the health of Elias and Gwang-Hyun Kim is important. In order to protect 5th place and to chase down 3rd place NC, which has the possibility of being caught, Elias and Gwang-Hyun Kim must protect the starting lineup.

Although they are being chased by 6th place KIA, they are 1.5 games behind 4th place Doosan Bears and 2 games behind 3rd place NC. They were once in first place, but were overturned by the LG Twins and fell from second to third, fourth, and fifth.

SSG, who was pushed down to 6th place but returned to 5th place, recently faced KIA and gained some leeway. However, it was not enough to be relieved, and even in a situation where Elias was judged early, they were able to secure a victory and aim for 3rd place.

The ‘worst’ was avoided as Elias did not have to go to the hospital. SSG will play the 13th game of the season against NC on the 4th. There are still four matches left. It’s a difference that can change the rankings.

SSG defeated NC on the 3rd and achieved 3 consecutive wins. They will face NC on the 4th and 5th, and have a home game against the Hanwha Eagles on the 6th. It remains to be seen whether they can continue the momentum and survive in the semifinals and climb back up to 4th and 3rd place.

er who needs to act as a ‘one-two punch’ with Kim Gwang-hyun.

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