Candidate Haeng Kim, this time missing experience as an outside director and advisor to a company

It was revealed at the personnel hearing that Kim Haeng, a candidate for Minister of Gender Equality and Family, omitted the history of working as an advisor or outside director for a controversial company in the past. Candidate Kim explained that she accepted it at the request of her partner, but that she did not intentionally omit it.

Candidate Kim Haeng was asked by Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Han-gyu whether he had ever worked at Nexus Investment regarding his submitted corporate work history at the National Assembly’s personnel hearing for the Minister of Gender Equality and Family on the afternoon of the 5th, and he denied it by saying, “I have not worked there.” When asked ‘wasn’t she a permanent advisor there?’ she denied that she had ever been in such a position. Then, Rep. Kim Han-gyu said that Candidate Kim wrote about his career as ‘current Nexus Investment Advisor’ three times in the Gwangju Ilbo column in 2006, and also introduced himself as ‘Nexus Investment Standing Advisor’ when broadcasting with Nocut News, and registered as a preliminary candidate for National Assembly member in 2015. Even when I did this, I suggested that my experience included being a standing advisor at Nexus Investment.

However, Candidate Kim explained, “Oh, then I guess I wrote it wrong,” and “I think it was my mistake to say that he was a standing advisor as I thought.”

In addition, when Representative Kim Han-gyu asked whether he had ever served as an outside director of a company called ‘IC Corporation’, which was acquired by ‘DC Inside’ for a backdoor listing, candidate Kim answered “Yes.”

Rep. Kim also presented the fact that Candidate Kim also worked as an outside director at a company called ‘Global Resources.’ Rep. Kim said, “I was registered as an outside director for 1 year and 6 months, but this was removed from my period of employment (corporate work experience),” and asked, “Two companies have already left me out of my corporate work experience, so was this intentionally omitted?”

According to Rep. Kim, DC Inside attempted to do a backdoor listing by acquiring IC Corporation in 2006. The companies that invested 5 billion won each in DC Inside were companies called ‘Nexus Investment’ and ICM, and ICM ‘s parent company was It was a ‘global resource’. It is pointed out that Candidate Kim did not submit employment data for these two companies (Nexus Investment and ICM). In particular, Candidate Kim also said that he is a major shareholder of Global Resources, holding an 8.8% stock stake. Representative Kim Han-gyu explained that the manager who took over IC Corporation became a registered executive at Global Resources on the same day as candidate Kim, but the manager was criminally punished for embezzlement and breach of trust and was unable to compensate minority shareholders for damages .

Rep. Kim asked, “Did you know that Candidate Kim Haeng was involved in several companies related to DC Inside, and it was reported as a ‘scam controversy’?” Candidate Kim Haeng responded, “I had no idea.”

Candidate Kim said, “I looked up the name of the company called Global Resources. It was not even a major shareholder. CEO Gong Hoon-hee was the person who worked in the company with me. He was the CEO there from December 2004 to August 2007. CEO When I moved, it was registered on the same day. It was registered for two years from September 29, 2006 to March 21, 2008. There was no salary for outside directors in this company. At the time, Global Resources looked at something and found out that it was the holding company of Nexus Investment. “They created it later. I think the holding company was small,” he explained. Candidate Kim said, “CEO Gong is close to my husband, so it is true that he invested because he said, ‘I went as a professional manager, and it will help me stand out if I invest a little bit.’” “I was an outside director of IC Corporation for 40 days.” Gong said. “The CEO recommended me, but I immediately said I wouldn’t do it. So I withdrew after 40 days, and I never attended a board meeting.”

Regarding the omission of the resume, Rep. Kim pointed out, “Submitting untruthful data to the National Assembly in that way has a major flaw in terms of morality.”

In addition, candidate Kim Haeng engaged in a war of스포츠토토 words with lawmakers, such as refuting that he could not agree with the criticism that so-called social news stock parking was a government-controlled transaction.

When Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Won-taek asked why he sold the social news stock he owned while serving as the Blue House spokesperson to his sister-in-law, candidate Kim explained, “(The company) had accumulated debt of about 1.5 billion won. There was no one to buy it.” In response, Rep. Lee Won-taek pointed out, “Isn’t the sister-in-law part of the husband’s family? The husband also had a role in the company, and this appears to be job-related,” adding, “It can be seen as a trust in the name.” Rep. Lee said, “It does not comply with the Public Official Ethics Act and it does not comply with the Capital Markets Act,” and added, “It can be seen as an issue that could be classified as an unauthorized sale. You said it was sold due to management difficulties, but is there any other reason?”

Rep. Lee said, “We probably discussed it when selling it to my sister-in-law, and didn’t your husband also discuss it when he sold the stock to an acquaintance?” He added, “My husband’s acquaintance said that he received a verbal promise that he would buy it for me if I needed the money later, but this is not true.” “It is a situation of collusion. It is a situation of a conspiracy to buy and sell. That is why it is the subject of investigation and investigation,” he pointed out. Candidate Kim responded, “I owned more than half of the shares in the company. The deficit was KRW 1.3 billion. This was due to 8 paid-in capital increases.” Regarding the decision to sell, he said, “CEO Hoon-hee Gong and all of his friendly shareholders gathered together. “He answered.

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