“Plastic pieces all over the smoothie”… Pregnant woman who drank alcohol without knowing causes miscarriage

A story was posted online in which a pregnant woman suffered a miscarriage after drinking a smoothie containing plastic pieces, but the cafe that sold it was indifferent in its response. The cafe branch in question is currently closed for business.

On the 3rd, a post was posted on an online community about a woman who drank a smoothie mixed with plastic pieces at a franchise cafe in Jochiwon-eup, Sejong City, suffered intestinal bleeding, and even miscarried her child.

Author A, who lives in the area, wrote, “A few days ago, I ordered three glasses of the same drink for myself, my husband, and my child at the cafe,” and added, “These drinks contained ridiculously large amounts of plastic pieces.”

Mr. A said, “When I checked the drink, it was actually half plastic, but my husband and I drank it without knowing this.” “My husband and I received a doctor’s opinion that the gums, the inside of the throat, the esophagus, and organs all seemed to have been scratched, which also led to intestinal bleeding.” He said.

He continued, “During the treatment process, I was in the early stages of pregnancy and eventually it was determined that a miscarriage was in progress. “I ended up losing my child today (the 3rd),” he said. “The cafe owner was busy with a lot of orders at the time, so he put the ingredients into small plastic containers and changed them to make a drink.”

The problem was the cafe’s response. Mr. A said, “When the store owner came to the emergency room, he said nonsense such as ‘It’s plastic so it’s easy to digest,’ and ‘There’s no way plastic goes down your throat.’” He added, “If the store owner wants to reach an agreement, the treatment fee and compensation will be 500,000 won.” “I will only give you 10,000 won,” he said of the situation at the time.

In the end, Mr. A reportedly contacted the headquarters스포츠토토 to protest. Mr. A said, “(The head office) acknowledged that it was an impossible and serious situation, but it was the business owner’s mistake and it happened due to carelessness,” and “They told me to resolve it with the business owner.” He added, “The maximum is 1 million won for treatment costs and consolation money. He put a price on life and said he couldn’t give me any more, so he finally hung up.”

After posting, Mr. A said, “I received a call from headquarters. Only now has it been announced that it will deprive the business owner of its business rights and take strong action. “They said they are now creating a manual on these matters,” he said. “But we have lost too much. “Because of this, one family is living in pain every day,” he complained.

Currently, the cafe branch is closed for business, so when you try to make a phone call, you only get a message saying “Number not registered.”

In relation to this, the head office told Chosun.com, “We sincerely apologize to the customers who suffered damage,” and added, “If there is anything we can do to help, such as treatment, we will help as much as possible. The branch in question is currently closed for business, and will soon notify the store owner of the contract termination.” “We plan to do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Food Sanitation Act, if a foreign substance is found in cooked food, you must secure evidence of the foreign substance and report it to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. After receiving a report, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety conducts an investigation into the cause and determines administrative measures depending on the degree of foreign substances and negligence. In the case of restaurants and bakeries, etc., they may receive a corrective order or a business suspension of 2 to 20 days.

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