“If I was going to use it, I brought it here a long time ago”… Turnhag reaffirms Sancho’s ‘expulsion from the first team’ despite the team’s poor performance

 Manchester United manager Eric Turnhag has again expressed his hard-line stance against Jadon Sancho, who caused a stir of protest.

When asked a related question at the pre-match press conference against Brentford in the 8th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League held on the 7th (Korean time), Coach Turnhag confirmed that it would be difficult for him to play for the time being, saying, “Sancho is still not in the first team.”

When a reporter asked about Sancho’s current status, Coach Turnhag replied, “There has been no change in Sancho’s disciplinary action,” leaving no room for Sancho to return in the near future.

When asked if he had spoken with Sancho, Tun Haag said, “If he was ready to integrate into the team, he would have been brought in a long time ago,” and admitted that he had spoken with Sancho but was still not satisfied with his attitude.

Sancho has not played in a Manchester United game since the third round league match against Nottingham Forest in August. This is because, when he was excluded from the list ahead of the 4th round match against Arsenal, he criticized Coach Terton Haag on social media and posted, “I was a scapegoat.” Coach Tun Haag had excluded Sancho from the starting lineup against Arsenal, saying, “Because he did not perform well in training.”

Manager Tun Haag, who was outraged by Sancho’s social media posts, immediately excluded him from first-team training, and on the 26th, he was banned from all Manchester United first-team facilities. It got to the point where he couldn’t even eat with his teammates. Despite this, Coach Turnhag’s position

Coach Turnhag leads the team by emphasizing communication. He also emphasized communication at the press conference. Regarding striker Marcus Rashford, who is a regular starter in the team, Coach Turnhag said, “Not only he but the team is responsible for his poor performance,” and “If the team and Rashford can communicate and play, Rashford can make a comeback. “It will be possible,” he said. Marcus Rashford, who showed off his scoring ability by scoring 5 goals in 9 games last season, has scored only 1 goal in 10 games this season. It is a serious bone drought.

However, coach Tun Haag did not lose faith in Rashford. He sent a message to keep working hard, saying, “A striker only needs one goal. If he scores one goal, he can regain his confidence, continue to make the right decisions, and gain momentum.”

is that Sancho’s attitude has not changed.

Coach Turn Haag places importance on communication스포츠토토 even in defense. While criticism poured in on goalkeeper Andre Onana, newly hired this season after conceding 18 goals in 10 games, Coach Turnhag emphasized communication, saying it was not the goalkeeper’s fault alone.

Coach Turnhag said, “In most top-level soccer games, if you make a mistake, the opponent immediately takes advantage. Therefore, properly established communication is necessary,” and added, “Only with appropriate communication at the right time can the defense improve and the number of goals conceded decrease.” “There will be,” he said.

Turnhato also said, “It is important to follow the rules.” Sancho’s ‘protest’ is a story that Coach Turn Haag does not tolerate in terms of communication and compliance with rules. There is a view that if Sancho wants to return to the locker room, he will ultimately have no choice but to work within the framework set by coach Turnhag.

Meanwhile, according to soccer media outlet 90MIN, Sancho wants to join his former team, Borussia Dortmund in Germany.

The media said, “Many German clubs are watching the situation with Sancho, but the team Sancho wants most is Dortmund.” In addition, “Manchester United is satisfied with Coach Turnhag’s rules, and it seems difficult for Sancho to return to Manchester United in the near future,” adding to the speculation about Sancho’s transfer.

Manchester United will play the 8th round league match against Brentford at Old Trafford, their home stadium, on the 7th. Manchester United, who are on a two-game losing streak at home after losing both the league match against Crystal Palace in the 7th round of the last league and the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League match against Galatasaray, are expected to win against Brentford. Manchester United have currently won only two of their four league games at home, recording a low win probability of 50%.

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