The daughter of a rich family planned a ‘poor wedding’ to hide the fact that she was rich

Wedding planners start their Sunday mornings with prayer. It is not because it is a particularly godly profession. Because Sunday is the day when customers who got married on Saturday find out for themselves whether they are happy or not. If they are unhappy, Sunday is the day to decide who to blame. And on Monday, an email arrives.

I say “decide” because weddings are fun, stressful, expensive, and emotional events. Weddings are reconsidered many times. By couples, by families, by the person paying the bill. A wedding announces a new beginning for a couple, but it also reveals other things. For example, family discord, broken friendships, and long-term financial aftereffects. Therefore, no matter how successful the party was, the wedding planner ends up praying on Sunday.

Will your email be full of joy and praise, or will it be full of complaints? Back when I was working as a luxury wedding planner in New York, my business partner and I received an email from a bride who was leaving for her honeymoon by helicopter. The bride said her wedding was an “ecstatic experience”. But then a phone call came from the bride’s mother. He said, “Repeat after me.” “‘I can’t do a dirty job. I’ll never do this again.’” Sometimes customers just need a place to vent. Sometimes they even threaten to sue me.

A few years after the global financial crisis, I was in charge of a lavish wedding on Long Island. The bride was already stressed about whether or not to add custom paper to her expensive wedding invitations, which would cost thousands of dollars in extra fees. The bride and groom were given seven-figure sums (several million dollars, or billions of won) to budget for their wedding and to purchase and decorate their new home. Additionally, the bride had a hobby of collecting mid-century furniture. Is a wedding invitation worth more than a Vasily chair? He continued to hesitate and worry. I couldn’t say anything, but finally his mother couldn’t hold it in and exploded. “We are rich!” Her mother shouted in an exasperated voice. “Bring it to me!”

Several months later, the mother looked with admiration at the tent we had spent several days building for the reception and then said very seriously: “It’s a shame that this place will only be used for one night. I hope we can find homeless people who can stay here after our event.”

One time, I received a phone call from a very perplexed woman. He said her daughter was getting married in a few weeks and he메이저사이트 wanted me and my business partner to bail on it. He did not elaborate further on the phone and insisted that we visit him in person at his apartment outside the city to truly understand the seriousness of the problem. He whispered just before hanging up the phone. “By the way, I am very, very rich.”

It was true! He lived in a place so large and luxurious that an elevator went straight to his house. A maid in uniform greeted us and led us down a long hallway lined with works of art to the study. The bride’s mother was waiting there.

He explained the dilemma. Her daughter was ashamed of her family’s wealth, and for a long time she kept her wealth hidden. His friends had no idea that he was rich. The bride has refused to allow his mother to be involved in her wedding in any way. She was afraid that if her mother got involved, all her secrets would be revealed. Everyone will know that he was just cosplaying poverty. So, armed with information from the Internet and her mother’s checkbook, the young woman left her home and planned what she thought was an ‘ordinary wedding.’

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