Democratic Party “Criminal Kim Tae-woo’s shameless behavior of spewing harsh words at the opposition party leader”

The Democratic Party of Korea directly criticized Kim Tae-woo, the People Power Party’s candidate for Gangseo-gu mayor, who had criticized Representative Lee Jae-myeong, who canceled his campaign schedule for Gangseo-gu mayor due to the aftermath of his hunger strike, as a “suspect of a serious crime,” saying, “Candidate Kim is a criminal who has even received a final judgment from the Supreme Court.”

Democratic Party spokesperson Park Seong-joon said in a written briefing on the 8th, “Candidate Kim Tae-woo and the People Power Party’s verbal banter is getting more and more severe. Candidate Kim Tae-woo is a criminal who has even received a final judgment from the Supreme Court. He received 메이저사이트a presidential pardon and a letter of nomination from the ruling party, which is eye-catching.” “Is there nothing to see?” he pointed out.

At the same time, he pointed out, “I am at a loss for words at the shameless behavior of spewing harsh words towards the opposition leader who is struggling to recover from a long fast.”

Spokesperson Park strongly criticized the candidate, saying, “He is a shameless candidate who wants to be viewed as cute even though the election is being held because of him. He is a shameless candidate who says he will not receive salary because the election situation looks unfavorable and does not hesitate to pretend to be poor.”

He continued, “Through this by-election for Gangseo-gu mayor, we must put a brake on the runaway government of Yoon Seok-yeol,” and added, “No matter how messy the ruling party’s offensive, the Democratic Party of Korea will do its duty and do its duty along with candidate Jin Kyo-hoon to win the choice of Gangseo-gu residents.” emphasized.

Meanwhile, when Representative Lee canceled the Gangseo-gu campaign scheduled for the 7th to recover his physical condition after fasting, candidate Kim poured out criticism that bordered on ridicule. Candidate Kim made a comment and said, “Representative Lee is a suspect of a serious crime and is not qualified to support and campaign. Representative Lee is a suspect of a serious crime who has 4 criminal convictions and is currently facing 10 charges,” and added, “Representative Lee supports the losing candidate in this situation.” “If I try and lose, I will not be free from my responsibility, so I have no choice but to be afraid,” he argued.

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