Pyo Ye-rim, who reported school violence in the real-life version of ‘The Glory’, found dead

Like the drama ‘The Glory’, which is the story of school violence and the main character who takes revenge, Pyo Ye-rim (27), who had been먹튀검증 a victim of school violence for 12 years and reported it on YouTube, was found dead in a lake at a park in Busan.

According to the Busanjin Police Station and fire department in Busan on the 10th, a report was received at around 12:57 p.m. that a woman had fallen into the Seongjigok Reservoir in Choeup-dong, Busanjin-gu. The police and fire department dispatched after receiving the report conducted an underwater search of the jumping site. At approximately 4:20 PM on this day, 3 hours and 20 minutes after the report, they found a woman believed to be in her 20s and took her to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead.

After the police and fire department confirmed the identity of this woman, it was confirmed that she was Pyo Ye-rim. A police official said, “We were dispatched based on a witness report, and after rescuing him from the water and transporting him to the hospital, we confirmed that it was Mr. Pyo. Since there is no suspicion of murder, we plan to close the case as soon as the investigation of the bereaved family is completed.”

Earlier, on this day, Mr. Pyo uploaded a video on his YouTube with the title, ‘I want to stop writing a suicide note and feel comfortable now’, implying an extreme choice. At the end of the video, Pyo said, “I no longer have the confidence to endure and overcome the pain. “There is nothing left to continue living,” he said. “Please do not give up on my case.”

Mr. Pyo has been revealing the fact that he was a victim of school violence 12 years ago through YouTube and broadcasts since last January. At the time, it overlapped with Netflix’s original content ‘The Glory’, which became a hot topic for dealing with the issue of school violence, and was called ‘the real-life version of The Glory’. Mr. Pyo also filed a national petition last April, asking for the abolition of provisions that could be advantageously applied to perpetrators of school violence, such as the statute of limitations on school violence and defamation when facts are stated.

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