Kim Chae-young repaid the loss of a half-house with a victory by half of a house.

In the quarterfinals of the 28th Harimbae Professional Women’s Noodle Tournament,
Kim Chae-young wins by a 281-move win over Heo Seo-hyun

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) In the 28th Harimbae Professional Women’s Noodle Tournament, which is taking place in the quarterfinals, 8th dan Kim Chae-young joined the semifinals. Kim Chae-young, 8th dan, is an experienced winner who previously reached the 19th Women’s National Championship.

In the third match of the quarterfinals held at the Baduk TV studio on the afternoon of the 11th, Kim Chae-young, 8th dan, faced Heo Seo-hyun, 4th dan, and won by a landslide victory after 3 hours, 48 ​​minutes, and 281 moves. It also served as revenge for the defeat suffered in the round of 16 of the previous year’s competition.

A band electrode occurred. Heo Seo-hyun, 4th Dan, who had been leading a pleasant trend ever since he made full use of a book-like mac in the early left corner, allowed a reversal in the 181st move around 3 hours after the start of the match.

The win rate shown by artificial intelligence reached 99% at its peak, and was 78% just before the reversal, but perhaps because it was too complacent, it was not

Considering the level of change in artificial intelligence, there were too many chances to end the game, so it was inevitable that it would스포츠토토 be a painful come-from-behind defeat. He had no choice but to come back with regrets for not being able to deliver a strong final blow.

Commentator Heo Jin from the Baduk TV broadcast box said, “It was a defeat that I couldn’t play well.” Kim Chae-young, 8th dan, ranked 4th in the women’s rankings, slightly widened the gap with 13th place Heo Seo-hyeon, 4th dan, with 7 wins and 3 losses.

bold enough, and it responded loosely, plummeting to 15%.

In the semifinals, she will face Oh Yu-jin, 9th dan, ranked 3rd in the women’s rankings, who ranked first. Oh Yu-jin is the winner of the 21st and 26th competitions. In terms of head-to-head record, Kim Chae-young, 8th dan, is slightly ahead with 9 wins and 8 losses. Prior to that, the two knights will face each other in the women’s league on the evening of the 12th.

Heo Seo-hyun, 4th dan, who defeated Cho Seung-ah, 6th dan, ranked 5th in the women’s rankings in the round of 16, and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Women’s Noodle Tournament for the third time following the 25th and 27th rounds, turned around just before the first semifinals.

Meanwhile, Kim Chae-young, 8th Dan, who returned after winning the silver medal in the Asian Games women’s team event, said about her participation, “Because I am a team member, I accept the result of course, and I prepared a lot hard, but I was personally disappointed that I could not play Baduk.” “I think it will help me in other matches,” he said.

The prize money for the 28th Women’s Noodle Tournament, which is held in the preliminaries with 40 participants, the main round of the round of 16 tournament with 4 seeds (Choi Jeong, Kim Hye-min, Kim Da-young, and Kim Chae-young), and the 3rd final stage, is 30 million won for the winner and 10 million won for the runner-up. . The time limit is 1 hour, and the countdown is once per minute.

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