Lim Si-hyeon, triple-medal winner in archery, “You can’t obsess when there are moments that don’t work out.”

First phone call with mother after winning three gold medals “Mom, am I done with this?” I am thrilled
– I don’t want to lose, I feel like it’s fun, so I started archery for the first time
– I will try again to qualify for the Paris Olympics

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◇ Anchor Kim Woo-sung (hereinafter referred to as Kim Woo-sung): They say sports are dramas without a script. This sport is scripted. The bottom line is that the winner is always South Korea. So, actually, I’m more interested in who is the best of the world’s best Korean team. Who that will be will be decided at this Asian Games. He is an Asian Games gold medalist and winner of three gold medals. I am the tournament MVP. We had a hard time recruiting Lim Si-hyeon. Hello Lim, how are you?

◆ Im Si-hyeon, Women’s National Archery Team (hereinafter referred to as Im Si-hyeon): Hello.

◇ Woosung Kim: Hello. Yes, you must be very busy, but thank you for agreeing to this interview. Did you get some rest after returning home?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: After resting for about two days, I am starting to prepare for the sports competition again starting today.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Yes, that’s right. Following the National Sports Festival and the Paris Olympics next year, will you be training non-stop now?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: Yes.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Yes, you came right after finishing the competition. Are you in good condition?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: First of all, my condition is not bad and I feel good.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: The entire nation feels good thanks to Im Si-hyeon. Thank you. thank you A lot of fans came out even when entering the airport. As per the current article, the number of social media followers is already increasing. Have you ever seen how many people increase per day?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: I was really surprised that the number of people increased more than I expected, and I was so grateful that there were so many people who recognized me upon entering the airport, so I am so happy every moment.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Excuse me, but how many followers have you increased?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: The number has increased by almost 9,000.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: That’s amazing. In fact, while watching the game, the entire nation already remembered Im Si-Hyeon in their eyes and hearts. Did you think that in this tournament, you actually took first place in the preliminaries and would go on to win three gold medals?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: First of all, my goal was to enjoy the game rather than win three gold medals, but as I enjoyed the game, I think I ended up winning three gold medals, so I am very thankful and fortunate.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Yes, I tried to enjoy it by winning gold medals in the team event, mixed event, and individual event, but as I was enjoying it, I ended up winning three gold medals? This is what you are saying. Her mother, Ko Da-hyun, said in an interview that the reason her daughter is growing up like this is because she has a very strong competitive spirit. You say that you can’t lose when you lose, but I’m curious what this has to do with having some fun.

◆ Im Si-hyeon: First of all, I chose sports because I thought the very thought of not wanting to lose was very fun. If I do the postures I prepared and the postures work, my score will be good. Then, it became more fun again, and I think it was more fun because if I shot like that, I won the game again.

◇ Woo-sung Kim: This was the answer of Im Si-hyeon, a competitive fighter who enjoys winning without losing. Of the three medals, is there one that you are particularly thrilled about? Actually, all three gold medals are precious, but I was especially moved by this medal.

◆ Im Si-hyeon: I really did my best, but I think the team medal was the most valuable. From the beginning, my goal was to go to the Asian Games and enjoy the game, but as a more consequential goal, I came out with the goal of winning the team championship. But I’m so happy that I achieved it.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: I can’t help but talk about the team competition. As you mentioned, it was 9 points from anyone’s perspective, but it changed to 10 points. People were also worried that they might be a little psychologically shaken while watching this. What was it like on set?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: To be honest, as an archery athlete, it was clear that I didn’t get in, but when they decided that I got in, I felt a little bad and we were all dumbfounded. So the coach told us not to be swayed and just do our own thing, so I got into a fight with the girls again. I think I finished the last edition well.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Ayu, just listening to it makes me feel reassured and confident. They say that our people, who are going through hard times, really cheered up by watching archery. Actually, before the Tokyo Olympics, I had a bit of a bad feeling about the national team selection process. It is said that while playing sports in middle school, there were several difficult times. While staying away from my family. Do you have a unique mindset or method to overcome this crisis?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: Rather, I think I’m trying not to be more obsessed with archery. Everyone has moments when things don’t work out, right? However, I realized that if I continued to obsess over it, I would become stressed and my body would suffer, so I think I had a lot of free time, such as taking a little more rest or going out to have fun when things didn’t work out.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: At first glance, it may seem like an easy answer, but it also sounds like you are really good at self-management. It is said that I started archery after school when I was in the 3rd grade of elementary school. Is this true?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: Yes, that’s right.

◇ Kim Woo-seong: Many parents of after-school students are now hopeful, so did you think from the beginning that I should do archery?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: No. At first, I wanted to play soccer because I like sports, but now I told my parents, and now my father started sports in the first place, and he knows how hard soccer players train, so I want to be an archer rather than a soccer player. He said that it would be better to try it for the first time, so I started archery, and luckily, I think it was a good fit for me.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: I think that even if I had played soccer, the next Ji So-yeon would have emerged. I see. They say that he was in a bit of a slump when he was away from his family, but there were articles saying that his mother was very supportive. To her mother, the late Da-Hyeon, did she think of her mother when she won her medal?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: Yes, first of all, I think I wanted to see you a little more because I know that you were the first to support me and believed in me.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: What was the first thing you said when you called your mother?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: “Mom, have I become like this?” like this.

◇ Kim Woo-seong: “This is it?” You said this. She and her mother seemed really happy too. It seems like she and the people were very happy. Still, it was very smooth, and I placed overwhelmingly first in the preliminaries, won three gold medals, and even became MVP of the tournament. You still feel like you’re 20 years old. I wonder how you feel. Can you feel it?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: I didn’t really feel it yet, but now that people are starting to recognize me, I’m starting to feel that I did do something.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Little by little, you are now realizing its popularity and great results. Still, if you look at it, the Korean archery team is truly unassailable. They are truly the best in the world, with no team they can’t beat, but isn’t that a special display of courage, like when you exchanged 9 or 10 points that you mentioned earlier? People are really curious about the secrets of such bold things. Im Si-hyeon, who won three gold medals this time, is the reason why Korea’s archery is

so strong. ◆ Im Si-hyeon: First of all, because of the difficult selection competitions, I had a little more mental strength and had to play for a long time. At that time, I was a little better at things like physical strength and posture, so I was able to compete well during the main competition. I think I do a little better when I go out.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Your qualifying match is the pre-decision match for the gold medal. It sounds like this too. It’s really amazing. The National Sports Festival will be held soon. There is also the Paris Olympics. There are a lot of expectations for Im Si-hyeon at the Paris Olympics. You said earlier that you will shake off the burden and enjoy it. What do you think?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: To qualify for the Paris Olympics, I have to compete again, but if I do well in the qualifying contest and earn a spot at the Paris Olympics, I will enjoy the Olympics as much as possible. I will prepare as hard as I did for the Asian Games this time so that I can bring good results again.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Lastly, our listeners are a little curious. There was a lot of interest in Ansan because of the Tokyo Olympics, and you won by defeating Ansan. What did Ahn say?

◆ Im Si-hyeon: After it was over, he encouraged me and said congratulations.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Yes, that’s right. All right. Lastly, I 스포츠토토would like to ask you to say a word of greeting to our YTN Radio listeners.

◆ Im Si-hyeon: Thank you so much for your support. I am so honored to be able to repay your support with good results. It was Im Si-hyeon, the national archery representative.

◇ Woosung Kim: Yes, thank you. We will continue to support you. thank you

◆ Im Si-hyeon: Yes, thank you.

◇ Kim Woo-sung: Until now, you have been a gold medalist in the Asian Games. We spoke with 3-time gold medalist Im Si-hyeon.

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