“I’m rather fortunate” after my 8-year-old daughter died… Israeli dad’s tearful smile

A sad story was told of a father who shed tears of relief after losing his 8-year-old daughter during an attack on Israel by the Palestinian armed faction Hamas.

On the 12th (local time), CNN reported an interview with스포츠토토Thomas Hand, a resident of Kibbutz Beeri near the Israeli border with Gaza. Here, on the 7th, Hamas militants attacked and at least 100 civilians were killed. Witnesses stated that Hamas members on motorcycles carried out a brutal massacre.

At the time, Thomas barely survived about 12 hours of shooting and was rescued by Israeli soldiers. But his daughter Emily could not be found. Emily, who had never stayed out before, said this was her first time staying overnight at a friend’s house. At that time, a party with singing and dancing was held at her friend’s house.

He anxiously waited for news of her daughter for two days, but then received word that “Emily had been found, but she was dead.”

Hand smiled when he heard that his daughter’s body had been found. He said it was good news that his daughter was not kidnapped by Hamas.

His eyes soon turned red, but he explained why he smiled, “Because it was the best news out of all the possibilities I was worried about.” “If you know what Hamas is doing to the people in Gaza, you know that it is worse than death,” he said. “Death is a blessing rather than being locked in a dark room without food and water and suffering every moment.”

CNN reported that Hand moved to his home in Kibbutz Beeri, 3 miles (about 4.8 km) from the Gaza Strip, 30 years ago and has been living alone with his daughter since the death of his wife.

The Israeli death toll resulting from this Hamas attack was calculated to be over 1,300.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, the Israeli military issued a statement at midnight on the 13th, saying, “We will carry out a large-scale operation in Gaza City (the largest city in the north of the Gaza Strip) within a few days. He said, “Residents of Gaza City and other places should evacuate to Wadi Gaza in the south for the safety of themselves and their families.”

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