‘Stumbling’ drunken woman at a bar, sitting on a chair with her pants down… astonishment

An intoxicated woman mistook a chair for a toilet and took down her pants to urinate in a bar. JTBC

‘s ‘Incidence Chief’ , which aired on the 11th, introduced what스포츠토토 happened at a bar in Bucheon that day. According to a video released by JTBC , a man and a woman entered a bar in Bucheon around 9 p.m. Those who drank alcohol for more than 3 hours. A drunk woman was left alone at a drinking party where the man left first. The woman in the video appears to have drank so much that she cannot sit upright. Then she saw this woman suddenly stand up, pull down her pants and sit down in her chair. And she said that this woman mistook the chair for the toilet and she ended up urinating on the spot.

The police arrived and shook the sleeping woman to wake her up, but she did not come to her senses for a while.

After some time had passed, the woman woke up and was led out of the store by the hand of her female police officer. He came into the store a little later and wiped his urine under the table with a tissue.

The owner, who learned of the damage, expressed his stance, saying, “I would like to receive at least some cleaning costs.”

Regarding this case, lawyer Park Ji-hoon said, “It is not a crime of public indecency. There is negligence. “It would be possible to commit property damage intentionally, but I don’t think that’s the case,” he said. “I think we’ll have to file a civil claim for cleaning costs.”

Attorney Park continued, “Because it was done by mistake, legal punishment is difficult.”

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