Controversy over Japan’s ‘dog-flavored kimchi’ product name… Seo Kyeong-deok “We must reflect first”

 Professor Seo Gyeong-deok of Sungshin Women’s스포츠토토 University said, “We must reflect first,” regarding the recent controversy in Japan over the product name ‘Gaejon-tasty Kimchi’, which used Korean slang.

Professor Seo said this through social networking service ( SNS ) on the 12th, saying, “In celebration of Hangeul Day, I received various reports about incorrect spelling of Hangul used overseas.”

He said, “According to the report, there were divided opinions, with those saying ‘Slang should not be used as a product name’ and ‘It is okay because it is an expression commonly used by Koreans.’” He added, “After the controversy, the (Japanese) manufacturer issued an apology and an apology as soon as possible.” “We have announced our intention to change the product name to another product,” he explained.

Professor Seo said, “As you know, ‘gaejonmat’ means ‘really delicious,’ and is one of the slang words frequently used online. It is true that it is widely used by the public, but you must be aware of the time and place when using slang. “he said.

At the same time, she said, “A few years ago, a travel story about a night market in Bangkok, Thailand was broadcast on a travel program,” and “A sign saying ‘dog-flavored seafood pancakes’ was caught on camera, causing both laughter and controversy.”

He pointed out, “If we use too much slang, scenes like this will continue to appear overseas.”

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