“I came here because I wanted to eat fat latte”… Long line in front of Seokchon Lake 

“I was traveling in Korea and came to Lotte World Mall스포츠토토 because they said they would give me coffee. “I’m looking forward to it because I heard it’s a coffee that can only be tasted in Korea.”

Veronica, whom I met at the ‘2023 Youth, Coffee Festival’ held at the plaza in front of Lotte World World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul, at 1 p.m. on the 14th, said, “I came here this afternoon to do some shopping before heading to Jeju Island, and it was an unexpected harvest.” Veronica, who was standing in line in front of the ‘ CU Get Coffee’ booth prepared by convenience store CU , visited the Youth Coffee Festival with her friend during a two-week trip to Korea.

“I came here because I was curious about fat latte.”Korea’s largest coffee culture festival, ‘2023 Youth, Coffee Festival’, opened its grand finale on the 14th. It will be held in the Lotte World Tower area (Arena Square, World Park, Street, etc.) in Jamsil, Seoul for two days until the 15th from 1 PM to 7 PM. It will be held under the theme ‘Coffee, revolutionizing daily life.’ 34 companies created a total of 50 booths.

Even though it was a rainy day, the longest lines were at the convenience store booths as soon as the show opened at 1 p.m. There was already a line of over 50 people in front of the CU booth at 1:30 PM. On this day, CU introduced the so-called ‘Fat Latte’ with banana milk. This is a product that CU launched last June targeting ‘modisumer’ consumers who enjoy combining various products according to their taste. They introduced a new product, a combination that was very popular online, by adding Binggrae banana milk to acidic coffee instead of regular milk. There were many citizens taking photos of themselves holding fat latte with the

CU booth in the background. Min-seon Kim, who was taking a proof shot, said, “I usually like CU coffee, but I came to the CU booth because they said they would give me coffee with banana milk, which I had never tried before. I’m looking forward to the taste of high-acidity coffee mixed with banana milk.”

Along with coffee, there is also a ‘best-seller’ PB competition

Citizens’ enthusiasm for taking certification photos was continued through various giveaway events. CU is holding an event where if you take a proof shot on this day and post it on SNS with a hashtag, you will receive the best-selling collaboration product ‘Yonsei Milk Cream Bread’. Instead of Yonsei Milk Cream Bread, you can also choose ‘My Neighbor Plump Yakgwa Cookie’.

The long line was also the same in front of the convenience store GS25 . GS25 set up a ‘Cafe 25’ booth and provided coffee to citizens. GS25 held a roulette event. Citizens waiting could spin the roulette wheel and receive a winning product before receiving their coffee. The winning products featured GS25 ‘s representative collaboration PB products , such as ‘Lucky Pill and Financier’ . A citizen standing in front of the GS25 booth said, “In the past, I would have gone to a famous cafe booth like ‘Byeoldabang,’ but these days, convenience store coffee is not only cheap but also delicious, so I visited the convenience store booth again today.

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