A couple in their 40s who bribed 5 newborns because they “wanted to have a daughter” committed a terrible crime.

A couple in their 40s accused of bribing five newborns with money and then abusing and abandoning them were taken into custody and sent to trial.

The Daejeon District Prosecutors’ Office’s Women and Children’s Crime Investigation Department (Chief Prosecutor Park Eun-hye) announced on the 16th that it had arrested and indicted her husband and wife, A (47) and B (45), on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act (child trafficking).

They are accused of paying 1 million to 10 million won to four biological mothers from January 2020 to August 2021, taking the five children they gave birth to, and then abusing or abandoning them. He is also accused of approaching at least two unwed mothers during this period and attempting to take their newborns, which ended in an attempt.

They approached single mothers and pregnant women who were contemplating abortion or adoption through online communities and cajoled them by saying, ‘If you have a child, give it to us and we will give you money and raise it for you.’

Afterwards, the pregnant woman received medical treatment스포츠토토 at a hospital using Mr. A’s personal information and gave birth. A total of five newborns were delivered to her, and the births were registered as her own, or they were raised without birth registration.

They abused the child they were raising, and abandoned the newborn, who was handed over on July 17, 2021, to the baby box again a week later.

According to the prosecution’s investigation, it was determined that the remarried couple wanted to have a daughter, but committed this crime when they were unable to conceive and formal adoption became difficult for economic reasons.

It was found that when the unmarried mother said she did not know the gender of the child until just before giving birth, she had the child give birth and brought the child in, then abused or abandoned the child because it was not the gender or sex they wanted.

The investigative authorities began the investigation after receiving a request from an administrative agency that the whereabouts of some children were unclear as a result of a comprehensive investigation of children whose births had not been reported last July, and later captured the circumstances of their child trafficking.

A prosecutor’s official said, “Mr. A and his wife committed a crime against humanity by selling lives as if they were goods out of greed for a new child, while failing to fulfill parental duties, such as failing to fulfill the right to interview and negotiation, with respect to children born from previous spouses.” “We will thoroughly investigate single mothers who sold children and take strict action based on zero tolerance principles,” he said.

Four out of five victimized children were adopted through a welfare agency or placed in an orphanage, and one child is being separated and protected at a center for children suffering from abuse.

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