“I earn a whopping 67 million won a month.” Office workers in their 40s are also jumping into earning pocket money.

 TikTok’s creator monetization model, the ‘Effect Creator Rewards’ program, which was only available in some countries such as the US, UK, and France, has officially arrived in the domestic market. Through this, TikTok creators are expected to be able to earn up to over 67 million won per month. In particular, TikTok is attracting the attention of domestic users by significantly relaxing its monetization standards in the process of introducing the Effect Creator Rewards program in Korea.

A TikTok official announced on the 16th, “We will significantly relax the compensation standards for Effect Creator Rewards and pay creators up to $50,000 (approximately KRW 67.48 million) in compensation per month.”

Effect Creator Rewards is a program where TikTok provides various profits to creators who create filters using AR (augmented reality). It received attention when it was first introduced in some countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, early this year, and has recently expanded to 14 countries, including Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Australia. TikTok also significantly lowered its monetization standards during this process.

Initially, in order to be ‘qualified’ to receive compensation, the AR filter he created had to be used in more than 500,000 TikTok videos. However, TikTok has relaxed the conditions so that it is possible only if the gold badge standard is 메이저사이트achieved. Gold badges can be received when you post 5 filters and 3 of them are used in 1,000 videos.

TikTok also significantly relaxed the standard for paying compensation only when AR filters were used in 500,000 videos to 200,000. When used in more than 200,000 videos, each filter is compensated up to $14,000 (approximately 18.89 million won). Through this, the maximum profit one creator can earn per month is $50,000 (about 67.48 million won).

Among domestic TikTok users, there is already a significant level of interest in ‘making pocket money’ through AR filters. Since TikTok launched ‘Effect House’, a platform that allows users to easily create, post, and share AR filters, many domestic users have jumped into creating AR filters through Effect House. As a result, Korea ranked second after the United States in terms of AR filter issuance. Korea’s representative AR filter creators include ‘Sangdori TV’ , an ordinary 40-year-old head of household and office worker, as well as ‘Berry’ and ‘ Lia’ .

Jeong Jae-hoon, head of TikTok Korea operations, said, “Koreans’ creativity and rich expressiveness are also in the spotlight in the AR filter field, capturing the attention of TikTok users around the world.” He added, “ We are creating an environment where anyone can more easily create and share AR content and improving accessibility.” “We plan to increase it,” he said.

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