“Koreans please come”… 8.3 billion consumption coupons released

The Taiwanese government plans to provide consumption coupons worth 200 million Taiwanese dollars (about 8.3 billion won) to Korean and Japanese tourists as a measure to revitalize tourism.

According to Taiwanese media, including the Free Times on the 17th, Zhou Yonghui, head of the Tourism Department of Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation, appeared at the Transportation Committee of the Legislative Yuan (National Assembly) the day before and announced this plan.

A legislator from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party pointed out that this year’s international tourism market has recovered to 80% of the level before the COVID-19 outbreak, but in Taiwan’s case, it is still only 48%.

Chief Zhou cited the low Japanese yen (falling value of the yen) and the labor shortage in the tourism industry in Taiwan as the fundamental reasons for Taiwan’s tourism recovery level being lower than that of Japan.

He went on to add that the speed of tourism recovery is not constant due to the size of the travel market in each country.

He also invested 100 million Taiwanese dollars (about 4.1 billion won) each in the fourth quarter of this year to increase the attraction of Korean and Japanese tourists to Taiwan, and won a consumption coupon worth 500 million Taiwanese dollars (about 210,000 won) for individual travelers from those countries. He said it would increase the odds.

Previously, Taiwan’s tourism department announced that it would provide a lottery for a NT$5,000 consumption coupon to foreign independent travelers who visit Taiwan and stay for 3 to 90 days starting in early May.

The consumption coupon lottery period is from먹튀검증 the 1st of next month to the end of June 2025, and a total of 500,000 consumption coupons are scheduled to be distributed by lottery, including 250,000 this year, 150,000 next year, and 100,000 in 2025.

Industry insiders say that Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation has set plans to attract 6 million tourists this year and 12 million next year, but unless cross-Strait group tours (China and Taiwan), which account for 30% of Taiwan’s tourism market, are resumed. I expected it wouldn’t be easy.

According to statistics from the tourism department, the number of Taiwanese retaliatory departures from January to August this year reached 7.34 million, while the number of foreign tourists who visited Taiwan during the same period was calculated to be 3.82 million.

In addition, the tourist destinations most visited by Taiwanese were Japan (approximately 2.62 million people), China (approximately 1.01 million people), and Korea (approximately 610,000 people).

The top group of foreigners who visited Taiwan was followed by Hong Kongers and Macauians at 747,327, Japanese at 493,167, and Koreans at 411,791.

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