‘Sillim-dong knife rampage’ Joseon covered its ears when the crime video was played

Cho Seon (33), who was arrested and indicted for the ‘Sillim-dong knife attack incident’, showed strong symptoms of anxiety when a video of his crime was played in court.

On the 18th, Criminal Agreement Division 32-2 of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Cho Seung-woo) held a trial for Cho Sun, who was indicted on charges including murder.

On this day, a video showing Cho Seon’s crime at the time was played in court.

When the video appeared on the courtroom screen, Chosun lowered his head and groaned, holding his forehead with both hands.

He then bent down and stood up repeatedly, talking to himself and covering his ears with his hands.

The court initially ordered Jo Seon to remove the handcuffs he was wearing, but as Cho Seon’s anxiety grew stronger, he ordered him to put the handcuffs on again.

The prosecution also played a scene from a game that Chosun usually enjoyed, with the intention of using it as a reference to the circumstances of the crime. At the same time , he claimed that

the scene of Chosun’s crime and the scene of stabbing with a knife in the game were similar. The victim’s surviving family members, who appeared as witnesses that day, asked Joseon to sentence them to death, saying they were unable to return to their daily lives. One bereaved family member said, “I feel like the sky is falling because my only brother passed away because of this먹튀검증.” He added, “I hope he receives as big a sentence as possible.”

In response, Joseon repeated, “I’m sorry,” and took a deep breath.

It is unclear why Joseon reacted abnormally.

The psychological analyst who conducted a mental evaluation of Cho Seon at the prosecution stage appeared as a witness and testified that there were no findings that could lead to suspicions that his mental state was broken. However, he evaluated

Chosun’s intelligence quotient ( IQ ) at 75, borderline intelligence, and an antisocial personality disorder. It was said that as his joblessness continued for a long time, he fell into self-isolation and expressed his outbursts of anger.

In addition, he revealed that at the time of the evaluation, he had stated that Cho Seon had ‘experienced auditory hallucinations’, but withdrew the statement, saying it was not severe.

However, Chosun’s lawyer requested a mental evaluation for Chosun, saying, “I was unable to respond properly at the time,” and the court accepted the request.

The court said, “We plan to send a request to the Gongju Treatment Center early next month, and I understand it will take 4 to 6 weeks. We plan to evaluate whether he had a mental disorder at the time of the crime.”

He continued, “I will need treatment in the future, but I think I should get it with my own money, not with people’s taxes.”

Chosun was put on trial on charges of stabbing and killing a man, Mr. A (22), with a weapon near Sillim Station on Subway Line 2 during the day on July 21st, and attempting to kill three men in their 30s by swinging a weapon in succession, but it was only an attempt.

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