A van carrying actor Oh Jeong-se collides with a cultivator… Thoughts on couples in their 60s

An accident occurred in Geumsan, South Chungcheong스포츠토토 Province, when a van collided with a cultivator, killing one person and injuring two others. It was confirmed that actor Oh Jeong-se was a passenger in the accident van.

According to the Chungnam Fire Department on the 19th, at around 6:58 p.m. the previous day, a van hit a cultivator in front on a two-lane road near a village in Buri-myeon, Geumsan-gun.

Among the couple in their 60s who were driving the cultivator in this accident, the husband died and the wife was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

Mr. Oh and the driver of the van, Mr. A, in his 40s, also suffered minor injuries and were treated at a nearby hospital.

Mr. A is known to have stated to the police that ‘a cultivator suddenly appeared.’ The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident, including checking whether speeding occurred.

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