Internal investigation of Korea’s top movie star on drug charges

It has been confirmed that Mr. A, one of Korea’s top메이저놀이터 movie stars, is under investigation for drug-related charges.

The Incheon Police Agency announced on the 19th that it is conducting an investigation (internal investigation) before booking eight people, including Mr. A, on charges of violating the Narcotics Management Act. Some of these people have already been formally booked on the same charges. They are suspected of using marijuana and other drugs at residences and Gangnam entertainment establishments for about a year starting in January of this year. It is reported that among those being investigated by the police are the manager of an entertainment establishment and an aspiring entertainer.

After receiving its own intelligence, the Incheon Office conducted an investigation into Gangnam entertainment establishments. The Incheon Office also conducted search and seizure of suspects who had switched to formal investigations. During this process, the police reportedly confirmed the existence of Mr. A.

A police official said, “The investigation is still focused on those who took drugs, but we plan to continue investigating those who sold and distributed drugs to them in the future.”

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