A man in his 20s who paid for beef for a soldier after being a part-time worker at a cafe said, “It reminded me of my younger brother.”

 While the heartwarming story of a part-time worker at a cafe giving a thank-you note to an army soldier was recently made public, this time the story of a citizen who paid for a meal for a soldier’s family he met at a restaurant was told.

On the 19th, the story of Mr. A, who is currently serving in the Army, was introduced on the Facebook page ‘We deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center’.

Mr. A began by saying, “I am reporting this스포츠토토 to thank the person who gave me an unforgettable memory from my outing this weekend.”

Mr. A, who visited a restaurant in Anyang to have dinner with his father while out, said, “I ordered two servings of beef and was fiddling with my phone while waiting for the food to come out.” He added, “The store owner said, ‘The man from table 13 is at this table . He said, ‘I was so surprised that I looked at table 13 and there was a young man who looked to be in his mid-20s who had finished paying and was getting ready to leave.’

Mr. A said, “I stopped the man and awkwardly thanked him and asked him why, and he said, ‘My younger brother is also serving as an active-duty soldier, and seeing his military uniform made me think of him. He went through a lot of hardship.’ He bowed to me and walked out of the store. “He said.

Mr. A said, “I would like to thank the man at table 13 once again for his motivation and actions, which gave me unforgettable memories and the strength to perform my national defense duties more diligently.” He added, “These touching and heart-warming events are “I hope this will be a little bit of strength to all the soldiers suffering in various parts of the Republic of Korea and serve as an opportunity for them to feel proud as soldiers,” he added.

Meanwhile, an Army soldier’s report that he visited a Baekdabang store in Seoul and received a drink with the phrase ‘Thank you for protecting our country’ written on it became a hot topic online. The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs invited part-time worker Ha Ji-ho (25) to the office. Minister Park Min-sik originally intended to gift Ha a tablet PC . However, Mr. Ha reportedly refused, saying, “I cannot accept large gifts because I have always thought that small actions can bring great joy to someone. I would rather donate to someone who has served the country.” Minister Park said, “I personally wrote a letter of recommendation for Mr. Ha to be accepted as an intern at a game company that he is preparing for,” and added, “I don’t know if my letter of recommendation will help him pass the internship, but I will continue to enthusiastically support Mr. Ha Ji-ho.”

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