200 million units were sold, but suddenly “sales were discontinued”… What happened to the ‘national cold medicine’?

The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) reported on the 19th (local time)온라인카지노 that CVS Health, the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, recently decided to stop selling oral cold medicine containing phenylephrine as its main ingredient . This is because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA )’s Over-the-counter Drug Advisory Committee concluded last month that phenylephrine is not effective when taken orally. Phenylephrine is an ingredient first approved for use in 1938. It is known to have the effect of constricting blood vessels inside the nose, and has been used in over-the-counter pills, syrups, and nasal congestion treatments. If it is finally confirmed that the drug is ineffective, the U.S. FDA plans to prohibit the labeling of the ‘effectiveness notice’ that is required to be placed on the outside of over-the-counter drug products on drugs containing phenylephrine. However, it may take months or years until a final decision is made. Among these, CVS is known to have preemptively stopped selling oral cough and cold medicines whose only active ingredient is phenylephrine. According to FDA data, 242 million pills containing phenylephrine were sold in the United States last year. Sales at pharmacies and supermarkets in the United States reached $1.76 billion (about 2.3 trillion won).

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