Lee Da-young, who was sniping at her senior Kim Yeon-kyung, left a comment while posting two photos

Lee Da-young, a volleyball player who attracted attention last summer by posting a series of posts criticizing her senior Kim Yeon-kyung스포츠토토, shared her current status.

Lee Da-young, who moved to the French league, recently posted two photos on her Instagram with the short comment, “The greatest happiness.”

The released photo shows him holding a trophy with the words ‘Super Coupe’ written on it along with his fellow players.

In another post, he posted a photo of himself preparing for the game wearing the Bolero Le Canet team uniform.

Lee Da-young, who was released from Korea in 2021 after a ‘school violence’ incident arose, moved to the Greek league with his twin sister Lee Jae-young in October of the same year

Her older sister returned to Korea due to an injury, but Lee Da-young played the 2021-2022 season in Greece, went to Romania the following year, and has been playing in the French league since this year.

Previously, Lee Da-young became a hot topic by publicly mentioning the conflict with her senior player Kim Yeon-kyung ahead of her departure to France in August.

Lee Da-young later revealed the contents of her KakaoTalk exchange with Kim Yeon-kyung, and she also revealed that Kim Yeon-kyung treated her as a bar girl in front of her colleagues.

She also posted meaningful messages such as, “If you want to know the truth, ask the player,” and she also aroused curiosity by leaving a selfie with Kim Yeon-kyung with an arm pillow and the message, “I’ll keep that a secret.” .

In addition, she wrote along with the ‘MeToo photo’, ‘I waited until the end for a sincere apology and reflection, but now there is no way back. # Korea Sports Association Sports Ethics Center # National Human Rights Commission # What is the final step?’

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