Police conduct internal investigation into actor Lee Sun-kyun’s ‘drug use suspicion’… “We will conduct the investigation faithfully.”

The police caught actor Lee Sun-kyun and an aspiring토스카지노 entertainer on suspicion of drug use and began an investigation (internal investigation) before indictment.

The Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit is conducting a pre-booking investigation of eight people, including Mr. Lee, on charges of violating the Narcotics Management Act.

The subjects of the investigation include Lee Seon-kyun, aspiring celebrities, and people involved in entertainment establishments, and it has been confirmed that among them are people with drug convictions.

Police believe they used drugs at entertainment establishments and residential areas in Gangnam, Seoul this year.

When related reports emerged, Lee Seon-gyun’s agency issued a public apology and at the same time announced a new statement that Lee had been threatened by a person related to the incident.

In a statement issued today (20th), Hodu&U Entertainment said, “We deeply apologize for causing concern,” and added, “We will faithfully participate in any future investigations with a sincere attitude.”

They also added, “Mr. Lee has been continuously threatened by Mr. A, a person related to the recent incident,” and added, “Today (20th), we filed a complaint against that person to the Incheon District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of blackmail and threats.”

The complaint reportedly states, “Mr. Lee was threatened by two people, including Mr. A, and suffered damages worth 350 million won.”

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