Police investigate actor Lee Sun-kyun’s drug case… Internal investigation of 8 people including 3rd generation of chaebol

Actor Lee Seon-gyun (48) is under police investigation for drug use, and filed a complaint to the prosecution against one of the people involved in the drug case on charges of blackmail. In addition to Mr. Lee, the police are also investigating a third-generation member of a chaebol family and 스포츠토토aspiring celebrity on the same charges.

According to the legal community and police on the 20th, the Incheon Police Agency is conducting a pre-booking investigation (internal investigation) against eight people, including Mr. Lee, Mr. A, a third-generation chaebol family member, Mr. B, an aspiring celebrity, and an employee of an entertainment establishment, on charges of violating the law on drug management. The police believe that they took drugs at Gangnam entertainment establishments and are confirming the facts.

Mr. Lee recently filed a complaint with the prosecution against Mr. C, who is also being investigated for a drug case. It is known that Mr. Lee submitted a complaint alleging that he received threats from Mr. C and was defrauded of 350 million won.

Lee Sun-kyun’s agency, Hodu & U Entertainment, said in a statement that day, “Actor Lee Sun-kyun has been receiving continuous blackmail and threats from people related to the incident.”

He then expressed, “We are confirming the exact facts of the allegations raised against actor Lee Sun-kyun,” and “We will faithfully participate in investigations by investigative agencies with a sincere attitude.”

The police said, “We cannot confirm the specific details of the drug case as it is currently under internal investigation.” He then explained, “There is a story in some media that Mr. C is a drug supplier, but that is not true.” The Incheon Police Agency plans to disclose some of the investigation status of this drug case after the 23rd.

Lee Sun-kyun, who debuted in 1999, is a top star who has appeared in many works, including the dramas ‘Pasta’ and ‘My Mister’, and the movies ‘Hwacha’ and ‘Going to the End’. In 2019, he appeared as the lead in director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes International Film Festival.

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