Why did the fishing boat capsize with 18 casualties? Looks like it got caught in the tugboat’s ‘wire’

 Attention is focused on the cause of the fishing boat capsize accident in Buan, Jeollabuk-do, which resulted in 18 casualties (4 dead , 14 injured).

According to the Buan Marine Police Station on the 22nd, at 5:57 a.m. on this day, a 7.93-ton fishing boat A carrying 18 people capsized in the sea about 1.6km east of Hawangdeung Island, Wido-myeon, Buan-gun.

In this accident, 4 people died and 14 people suffered major and minor injuries and are being treated at a nearby hospital.

A nearby fishing boat that initially witnessed the accident reported to the Coast Guard that “Boat A collided with a tugboat (43 tons).”

It can be assumed that the fishing boat flipped over after colliding with the tugboat.

However, the local fishing community and captains pointed out the ‘wire’ connected between the tugboat (a vessel that pulls or pushes another boat) and the barge (a flat-bottomed cargo transport vessel) as the cause of fishing boat A capsizing.

At the time of the accident, the tugboat was towing her barge with a wire.

Ship A, located behind the tugboat, sailed while checking the GPS plotter (a simple electronic chart display device that can check the ship’s location, coordinates, route, etc.).

The fishing community and captains explain that the boat may have capsized because it was unaware of the wire connected between the tugboat and the barge.

An official from the fishing community who met the짱구카지노 captain of A boat this morning said, “The captain is said to have mistaken this tugboat for a fishing boat and sailed behind the tugboat. Since he mistook it for a fishing boat, he was unaware of the existence of the barge and wire attached to the back of the tugboat.”

He continued, “I don’t know for what reason, but it is said that the location of the barge has not been confirmed on the A floater.”

The Coast Guard declined to comment on the cause of the accident, saying, “We have set up an investigation headquarters and are investigating the truth.”

It is currently difficult to determine the cause because the estimates of the accident parties and witnesses are different.

An official from the Buan Coast Guard said, “There are rumors that the fishing boat in the accident got caught in a wire or collided with a barge or tugboat that was following, but it is difficult to pinpoint the cause. As we are investigating the captain, we will be able to find the cause soon.”

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is conducting safety management and oil removal work to prevent another collision at sea before lifting A to land.

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