Actor Lee Sun-gyun becomes a suspect in ‘drug suspicion’… “The third generation of chaebols do not know each other.”

Actor Lee Sun-gyun, who was under internal police investigation, has been converted to suspect status. He is accused of taking various types of drugs. During this process, the manager of the entertainment establishment, who was said to have provided a place for Lee Seon-gyun to take drugs and later threatened him, was arrested.

Reporter No Do-il covered the story.

This is an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul.

This is an upscale bar known to be frequented by celebrities메이저놀이터

The building manager said,
“I wonder if she’s a bar girl. She took something, got a syringe, and clogged the bathroom… .”

The police arrested Mr. A, the manager who worked here, on charges of taking drugs at his home.

During the investigation of Mr. A, the police confirmed that Mr. Seon-gyun Lee had been provided with a place to administer drugs, and have been investigating Mr. Lee since last month.

Mr. Lee was booked on charges of using drugs such as marijuana since the beginning of this year and was converted into a suspect today.

It is known that Manager A is someone who threatened Seon-gyun Lee over the phone about 10 times and extorted 300 million won from him.

So far, there are a total of 8 people suspected of drug use linked to Mr. A, including Mr. Seon-gyun Lee. Among them, five people, including a third-generation chaebol and an aspiring singer, are in the internal investigation stage as their charges have not been confirmed.

Lee Sun-gyun’s defense team claimed that he did not know the third-generation chaebol or the aspiring singer.

The police plan to call Seon-gyun Lee soon and conduct hair and urine tests, as well as investigate the exact circumstances, including the time and place of drug administration.

This is No Do-il from TV Chosun.

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