I heard that Seunghee Kim’s children hit her every time they met… The school violence committee scored lowest on ‘recidivism’

It was claimed that in addition to the two cases of assault reported to the School Violence Response Committee (School Violence Committee), there was one more case regarding the children of Kim Seung-hee, former protocol secretary in the President’s Office who resigned due to ‘suspicions of covering up school violence in children’. At the time of the school violence committee’s disposition of the perpetrator, he received a score of 1, which is close to the lowest score, in the ‘continuity’ category that evaluates whether the assault was a habitual assault, so the controversy over whether the school violence committee’s decision was appropriate is expected to grow further.

According to the explanations of education authorities and others on the 22nd, the school violence committee of an education support office in Gyeonggi Province accused former Secretary Kim’s child, a third-grade elementary school student, A, against 7-year-old B, who is one year his junior, on July 10 and the 17th of the same month. He admitted to assaulting the child on two occasions after after-school classes and was given a ‘class change’ decision. These dispositions were determined based on five evaluation indicators (0 to 4 points per indicator), including intentionality, seriousness, persistence, degree of reflection, and degree of reconciliation. Ms. A scored 15 out of a total of 20 points in the evaluation index, avoiding a forced transfer by 1 point. If you receive a total score of 16 or more, you will be subject to a forced transfer.

In relation to this, lawyer Hwang Tae-ryun (Seorin Law Firm), who represented the victim, claimed in a phone call with the Hankyoreh that day, “The assailant was assaulted three times in total.” It is said that on July 17th, the same day that the 9-week injury was inflicted, before after-school짱구카지노 도메인 classes, the victim was taken to the bathroom and assaulted in the same manner as in the two assault cases. Attorney Hwang said, “I became aware of this fact after receiving the application to the School Violence Committee, and I attended on the day of the School Violence Committee deliberation and clearly stated the facts of the additional assault to the committee members.” It could be done as such, but the school violence committee did not do so. As a result, it was also a factor in the persistence score of 1,” he pointed out.

Regarding the score in the sustainability category, he said, “There was an after-school class once a week, but they beat him every time they met,” and added, “It is questionable how such school bullying can be evaluated as having low sustainability.”

The victim student is considering administrative trials and civil lawsuits. Attorney Hwang said, “The purpose of the School Violence Prevention Act itself is to protect victims and guide perpetrators. “What is the meaning of class separation when they are in different grades from the beginning?” he asked, adding, “We are conducting a legal review of the procedures and results of the academic violence committee deliberation.”

On the 20th, former Secretary Kim submitted his letter of resignation on the same day as suspicions were raised that his daughter, a third-grade elementary school student, took her second-grade junior to the bathroom and hit her second-grade junior with a recorder and her fist, causing a nine-week injury, but only resulted in a class change. In fact, it was repaired right away.

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