“Uniqlo is not even half price?”… 19,900 won Godseongbi jeans have appeared

Customer response to ‘ NC Basic’ , a fashion brand launched by E-Land Retail in a bid to destroy prices, is enthusiastic.

Since you can buy a basic shirt made of fabric used in overseas luxury brands for less than 20,000 won, it is gaining popularity among consumers who are trying to reduce their clothing expenses in this era of high prices. According to the fashion industry on the 23rd, E-Land Retail launched a new fashion brand, NC Basic, at three NC

department stores (Songpa Branch, Yatap Branch, and Pyeongchon Branch) last September . In less than a month after launch, the first shipment was all sold out and additional production of the second shipment began, and sales per pyeong were more than 10 times that of general fashion stores, making it a valuable store in NC department stores.

NC Basic is a brand ambitiously planned by E-Land Retail to contribute to price stability during a period of high inflation. The product consists of 12 items that are essential for your wardrobe, such as shirts, jeans, and socks in basic designs.

NC Basic’s competitiveness lies in its low price compared to its high quality. While the materials are at the same level as those used in overseas luxury brands, the prices of most products are one-third of those of competitors. In particular, it is characterized by a price that is up to 60% cheaper than Uniqlo, a brand considered synonymous with cost-effectiveness.

Representatively, NC Basic’s basic shirt and jeans are both 19,900 won, plain sweatshirts are 9,900 won, and Uniqlo’s basic shirts (49,900 won), jeans (59,900 won), and plain sweatshirts (39,900 won) It is significantly굿모닝토토 주소 cheaper than Won).

The reason why NC Basic was able to drastically lower the price while improving the quality of the product was because it found a factory that mass-produces fabric and purchased the fabric at less than half the price, thereby significantly reducing costs.

E-Land Retail’s global fabric sourcing experts discovered factories that produce fabric in large quantities in Korea as well as Shanghai and Guangzhou in China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, and supplied fabric for supply to famous overseas brands at low prices.

Accordingly, while maintaining quality, we lowered the purchase price by half to minimize the burden on customers.

In the case of existing fashion brands, product planning and design are completed, then the appropriate fabric is found and produced, but NC Basic’s difference is that planning and fabric purchasing are carried out together.

It may seem similar to the SPA brand at first glance , but unlike the SPA brand, which operates large stores of more than 100 pyeong with the latest trendy design products , NC Basic is different in that it sells only small amounts of basic products in stores of about 10 pyeong.

An official from E-Land Retail said, “ NC Basic is a brand that focuses on the original function of an outlet, selling department store quality products at a reasonable price. Not only does it contribute to price stability, but it is also in line with the recent consumption trend of good consumption.” “Even though we opened three stores without any special marketing, we still get a lot of customer feedback asking how this product can be released at this price,” he said.

NC Basic opened stores at NC Department Store Songpa Branch, Yatap Branch, and New Core Pyeongchon Branch last September, and also opened a store at New Core Outlet Bucheon Branch on the 18th. We plan to continue to expand online and offline stores in the future, and also plan to expand NC basic children’s clothing.

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