‘Bikram yoga’ performed at temperatures above 40 degrees helps improve depression.

Research has shown that ‘Bikram yoga짱구카지노 주소‘, also called hot yoga, helps reduce depressive symptoms.

This is the content of a paper published by a research team at Massachusetts General Hospital in the international journal ‘Journal of Clinical Psychiatry’ on the 23rd.

The research team conducted a randomized controlled clinical trial targeting adult patients with moderate to severe depression. Half of the 80 participants were asked to participate in an average of 10.3 Bikram yoga sessions over 8 weeks, while the other half were asked to only put their names on the yoga waiting list and not participate in the sessions. Bikram yoga is yoga practiced in a hot environment above 40 degrees, and participants practiced yoga for 90 minutes per session. After the 8-week session, participants had their depressive symptoms measured using the ‘ IDS-CR’,

a scale that evaluates depressive symptoms . As a result, compared to those on the waiting list, session participants showed a greater reduction in depressive symptoms. Just by being on the waiting list, 6.3% of participants saw their symptoms reduced by more than 50%, and among yoga participants, 59.3% saw their symptoms reduced by more than half. 44% of them were even evaluated as having alleviated their depressive symptoms based on their IDS-CR scores. Based on this study, the research team confirmed the possibility that the intervention of ‘yoga’ and ‘heat’ could be a non-drug treatment for depression. It could be a treatment option to help treat depression patients. The research team is developing new research to specifically determine why heat and yoga produce clinical effects in alleviating depression. David Michelon, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard University Medical School and the head of the study, said, “There is a need for research comparing the effects of Bikram yoga and regular yoga on depression,” and added, “Which of whole body thermotherapy or yoga is more effective in treating depression?” “We will also need to check if there is one,” he said. Previously, the research team investigated the effect of whole body thermotherapy on depression through previous research. As a result of conducting a clinical trial of hyperthermia on adults aged 18 to 65 with major depressive disorder, patients who received hyperthermia showed greater improvement in depressive symptoms than those who did not. It is analyzed that high temperature causes positive effects through increased body temperature, dilation of blood vessels, activation of blood circulation, and discharge of waste products.

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