“Four friends had pork belly and drank wheat…” Reason for surprise

“It would be difficult to eat pork belly and a glass of somaek (soju + beer) outside.” ‘Pork belly and a glass of alcohol’, which was synonymous with soothing the joys and sorrows of the common people, is now becoming a luxury. The prices of beer and soju have risen too much. The price of pork belly also rose. The prices of food for common people seem to be rising.

Mr. Park, in his 40s, recently visited a pork belly restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul with his friends and was surprised when he saw the prices on the menu. This is because a bottle of soju was 7,000 won and a bottle of beer was 8,000 won. The price for one serving of pork belly is 17,000 won for 150g, which is over 22,000 won for a typical serving of 200g. Mr. Park said, “When four friends ate pork belly and a few glasses of wheat, the meal ended up being well over 200,000 won.”

In this way, the increase in the price of eating out that consumers feel is quite large.

First of all, the price of beer has risen. According to the industry on the 24th, OB Beer will increase the factory prices of major beer products such as Cass and Hanmac by an average of 6.9%. This is the first increase in 19 months since March of last year. It is expected that other liquor companies, such as Hite Jinro and Lotte Chilsung Beverage, will soon raise their product prices. Liquor companies considered raising the factory price in April this year as the specific beer tax increased by 30.5 won compared to the previous year, but postponed the increase at the government’s request.

Beer price increases are directly related to regular restaurant sales prices. When the factory price of beer rises by about 5%, restaurants tend to increase the consumer price by 1,000 won. An official from the liquor industry explained, “Even if a company raises the factory price by a few tens of won, the price at restaurants goes up by 1,000 won.” There are already concerns that an era will come when a bottle of beer at a local restaurant will cost 6,000 to 8,000 won. In some areas, such as Gwanghwamun and Gangnam in Seoul, beer is sold for over 9,000 won.

There are predictions that the price of soju will soon rise. In the liquor market, there is talk that Hite Jinro will raise the prices of beers such as Kelly and Terra in late October, and that it will raise the prices of soju, including Jinro, in early November. Soju companies are drawing a line at the rumor of a price increase, saying, “There is no plan,” but the analysis is that there are many factors for price increases. First of all, the price of alcohol, the

raw material for soju, is rising온라인카지노 every year. Korea Spirit Sales, which is in charge of selling alcohol for 10 spirits companies in Korea, Last year, the price of alcohol was raised for the first time in 10 years, followed by a 9.8% increase in April of this year. In addition, the price of bottle caps and empty bottles also increased, increasing the cost burden. Soon, the price of wheat consumed in restaurants is expected to be around 12,000 won.

The price of pork belly, the representative food for the common people, is also rising. The inflation rate for eating out, a representative food indicator in the Consumer Price Index, in the second quarter was 7.0% each, more than twice the overall consumer price inflation rate (3.2%). Korea Consumer Agency Price Information According to portal participation prices, the price of one serving (200g) of pork belly at restaurants in the Seoul area also rose from 19,150 won in August to 19,253 won last month, approaching 20,000 won.

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