“Everyone receives 3 million won”… I was ‘absurd’ at the old lady who was ‘going crazy’ on the bus

An accident occurred when an elderly woman on a bus suddenly lost her balance and fell as the bus was leaving. The bus driver expressed her resentment, saying that her grandmother had asked for a large amount of settlement money, saying, “Everyone gets about 3 million won, so it’s different.”

Recently, on the YouTube channel ‘Han Moon-cheol TV’ run by lawyer Han Moon-cheol, who specializes in traffic accidents, a video titled ‘An elderly woman who fell from a seated bus is demanding 3 million won in settlement money’ was uploaded.

According to the closed-circuit (CC) TV video of the bus released by bus driver A, the accident occurred on a road in Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do around 4pm on the 3rd. The bus stopped at a stop and was picking up passengers, and Mr. B, an elderly man, was the last to board the bus and was heading to the back seat.

At this time, as the bus departed, the grandmother, who was trying to quickly take a seat on the chair, was unable to keep her balance and fell. It is reported that the bus did not come to a sudden stop when Mr. B fell.

Mr. A said, “After loading all the passengers on the bus, during normal operation, a passenger who appeared to be an elderly woman fell. (After the grandmother fell), she visited a surgeon and was diagnosed with bruises and abrasions. She underwent physical therapy for 3-4 days카지노사이트 and took prescribed medication. “I received it and left,” he explained.

He said, “(Two days after the accident, her grandmother) said she needed to go to an oriental medicine clinic to treat blood clots and receive a prescription for herbal medicine for 1 week, but soon changed her words to 2 weeks, and is currently demanding that I give her a settlement of 3 million won.”

He continued, “(I) asked, ‘Why 3 million won?’ and he said, ‘At first, the driver didn’t want to be hospitalized, so he didn’t go in with good intentions, but if he had been hospitalized, it would have been more than 3 million won.’” He also said that his whole body was in pain to the point where he couldn’t sleep, including feeling dizzy, feeling sick, and feeling sick.”

In addition, Mr. A said, “The victim’s (grandmother’s) acquaintances said that they had also received a settlement of 3 million won in a situation like this, and that they were demanding 3 million won from me as well.” “I doubt they are doing it,” he confessed.

Lawyer Han Moon-cheol, who heard this story, said, “You have to hold on to the handle while on a moving bus. That doesn’t mean the bus shouldn’t start until all the passengers are seated.” He added, “I was able to sit safely because there were several empty seats before the bus departed, but I was able to sit in the back seat. “There seems to be no reason to go this far,” he pointed out.

Addressing Mr. A, he said, “If the police try to impose a fine, please refuse and go for a summary trial.” He added, “Not guilty verdicts are piling up in the courts (in relation to these cases). I think it would be better for injured passengers to receive treatment through health insurance.” did.

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