The lawyer who represented Nancy Lang said, “When I heard Jeon Cheong-jo’s name, the Wang Jin-jin incident came to mind.”

Attorney Son Su-ho, who defended pop artist Nancy Lang (real name Park Hye-ryeong), who was in a legal dispute over a fraudulent marriage, said, “When I heard (Jeon Cheong-jo’s) name, the Wang Jin-jin incident came to mind.”

Attorney Son said on CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 26th, “Paradise having children out of wedlock is also a tactic used by Wang Jin-jin (real name Jeon Jun-ju), Nancy Lang’s ex-husband. You should never be fooled.”

Jeon Cheong-jo, who announced plans to marry Wang Jin-jin and national fencing player Nam Hyun-hee, is said to have approached women by impersonating the illegitimate son of the Paradise Group chairman.

Attorney Son said, “Paradise Group’s out-of-wedlock child is a classic tactic often used by fraudsters,” and added, “I’ve heard of Paradise Group somewhere, but information is limited compared to other famous conglomerates.”

He explained, “(Out-of-wedlock people)토스카지노 is a secret part and outsiders may not know exactly,” and “That’s why scams pretending to be out-of-wedlock people continue.”

At the same time, “(Mr. Jeon) said to a victim he met in Jeju in June 2019 that he would get a job at Paradise Group and asked for 80 million won to raise his credit rating since he needed a high credit rating to work here. In fact, he paid a large amount of money. “I ripped it off,” he said.

Regarding the reason why Mr. Jeon gave a media interview even though his past could become known, Attorney Son said that he may have drawn a bigger picture for a bigger fraud.

Attorney Son said, “Rather, even if he had to take the risk of his past being revealed if it were revealed to the media like this, in the end, he drew up a big picture to extort money from someone by using Nam Hyun-hee, a famous athlete with a very good image, to run a fencing business with Nam Hyun-hee.” “I doubt it,” he said.

Mr. Jeon was previously embroiled in rumors of a criminal record for fraud, but was arrested by the police this morning on charges of violating the stalking punishment law and released after being investigated.

He is accused of going to Nam’s mother’s house in Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do at around 1:09 a.m. on this day, knocking on the door several times and ringing the doorbell. When Mr. Jeon tried to enter the house, saying, “I know this person, please let me into the house,” Mr. Nam’s family called 112.

The police reportedly identified Jeon as a woman whose resident registration number begins with ‘2’. After investigating Mr. Jeon, the police released him first, taking into account concerns about him running away, destruction of evidence, and the fact that he had no previous criminal record, and plans to continue the investigation without detention.

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