“Advertising queen returning after 10 years”… Reebok’s ‘Lee Hyo-ri padding’ unveiled

Reebok announced on the 27th that it will present the main pictorial and video of its padding collection as its first project with brand ambassador Hyori Lee.

The 2023 Fall/Winter (FW) padding collection released on this day consists of a total of 9 styles of unisex winter outerwear centered on the representative item, ‘pump padding’. Considering eco-friendliness, all products use down filling with RDS certification that complies with animal welfare.

Considering that short padding, which was popular in the 1990s, will continue to attract attention this winter, Reebok has created a variety of colors, materials, and lengths, including glossy materials, cropped, short-length middle-down lines, and middle-length, long-length heavy down lines.

Pump padding is a unisex item that can토스카지노 be worn by both men and women with a bulky silhouette inspired by Reebok’s signature pump technology. Nylon fabric with a natural glossiness was used, reflecting the ‘glossy short padding’ style. There are a total of 5 colors: black, normal gray, normal orange, off-white, and dark green.

The ‘Pump Padding Crop’ line, released as a crop length for women, comes in three types: black, off-white, and normal orange, and the ‘Pump Reversible Padding’ is a reversible type that emphasizes practicality and style and comes in three types: black, light beige, and dark yellow. Each was released. The middle-length ‘classic padding’ is available in three colors, including pastel-toned light blue and ivory.

In addition, all lines, including Vector Padding, Crop Glossy Padding, Classic Vector Puffer Padding, Classic Vector Hooded Down Parka, and Classic Vector Long Padding, will be available through online and offline channels such as Reebok’s official online store, Reebok offline store, LF Mall, and Musinsa from this day. You can see it through .

Meanwhile, as soon as Reebok and Lee Hyo-ri’s ‘RETURN’ teaser pictorial and video were released on the 13th, the number of new members signing up for Reebok’s official online store increased 1.5 times compared to the previous week for about a week, and ‘pump padding’ in Reebok’s official online store There was a lot of interest, with thousands of customers applying for stock notifications.

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