‘Language genius’ Donckerwolke became key man for Hyundai Motor Company’s ‘robot/AAM design’

Current CCO (Chief Creative Officer) Luc Donckerwolke, who is considered a ‘linguistic genius’ in the design field of Hyundai Motor Group, will be responsible for not only electric vehicles, but also robots and AAM (urban air mobility) design.

To this end, Hyundai Motor Group carried out an organizational reorganization on the 27th of this month to consolidate and promote the design centers separated by each brand into the ‘Global Design Headquarters’ and appointed CCO Donckerwolke as CDO (Chief Design Officer) leading the Global Design Headquarters. appointed. 

He will continue to serve as CCO with the purpose of leading design-based brand communications. As he became the general manager leading the direction of all designs within the brand, including automobiles, he became an indispensable ‘key man’ in the future mobility direction of Hyundai Motor Group.

 Donckerwolke, who speaks 7 languages, receives high praise from Peter Schreyer

CDO Donckerwolke, who leads the global design headquarters of Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors, is a designer born in 1965, joined Peugeot in 1990, and has worked for Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, SEAT, and Bentley. While working at Lamborghini in 2005, he won a total of 15 famous design awards, including the German ‘Red Dot Design Award’.

Donckerwolke CDO’s recruitment into Hyundai Motor Company was made public at the time of the launch of the Genesis brand in 2015. Peter Schreyer, who was the head of design at Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors at the time, was confident that “Donckerwolke, who has a lot of experience, will play a role in developing the Genesis brand internationally and taking it to the next level.”

CDO Donckerwolke, who was the executive director of Hyundai Motor Group at the time of his recruitment, is considered a linguistic genius within Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors. CDO Donckerwolke, who was born in Peru and holds Belgian nationality, is known to speak seven languages, including English, German, Italian, and African Swahili. In particular, it appears that he has made his own efforts to speak Korean since joining Hyundai Motors.

CDO Donckerwolke, who joined Hyundai Motor Group in 2016, led the design of concept cars symbolizing Genesis’ future, such as the Genesis Essentia Concept and Mint Concept. However, in March 2020, he briefly left Hyundai Motor Group for industrial reasons. However, Hyundai Motor Group offered him the position of CCO Vice President in November 2020, eight months after Donckerwolke left, and Donckerwolke accepted.

 My presence grew after taking on the position of CCO.

CDO Donckerwolke’s internal presence has grown since he assumed the position of CCO in 2020. In 2021, he was selected as a key figure in announcing the plan to electrify the Genesis brand along with Hyundai Motor Company CEO Jang Jae-hoon. In February last year, he was selected as the ‘World Automobile Person of the Year’ by the ‘World Car Awards’. The biggest reason is that it successfully reinterpreted the Pony and Grandeur, which are considered representative car models in Korea. Hyundai Motor Group promoted CDO Donckerwolke from vice president to president in November last굿모닝토토 주소 year based on the results he achieved.

According to the design organization reorganization of Hyundai Motor Company and Kia on the 27th, Vice President Lee Sang-yeop, previously the head of the Hyundai Design Center, was appointed to the Hyundai Genesis Global Design Department, and Vice President Karim Habib, the former head of the Kia Global Design Center, was appointed to the Kia Global Design Department. Vice President Lee Sang-yeop and Vice President Karim Habib plan to establish future design directions and differentiate each brand in charge. Managing Director Simon Rossby and Managing Director Yoon Il-heon were appointed as heads of Hyundai Design Center and Genesis Design Center, respectively.

CDO Donckerwolke, who was newly appointed to lead the Global Design Headquarters, said, “We expect that this reorganization of the design division will be an opportunity to try new and innovative designs for the future mobility that Hyundai Motor Company and Kia will introduce in the future.” He added, “In the rapidly changing mobility market, we expect various designs “We will expand our consensus with customers through new challenges,” he said.

Donckerwolke CDO is expected to collaborate with its subsidiary Boston Dynamics and Supernal, its own American urban air mobility corporation, to foster the robot and AAM business, which is one of the goals of the Global Design Headquarters. 

In an interview with <Blotter> held at ADEX 2023 in Seoul on the 17th, Jaewon Shin, President of Hyundai Motor Group’s AAM and CEO of Supernal, said, “If we succeed in developing hydrogen gas for aviation, we will use a hybrid method that can use hydrogen and electricity in parallel. “It can be used,” he emphasized, adding, “If this method is applied, the energy density of the aircraft will increase, making it very advantageous for long-distance driving.” Supernal is expected to work with Donckerwolke CDO to develop an airframe design that will realize this vision. 

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