The first agenda item of the old innovation committee is ‘great amnesty’… Lee Jun-seok “commitment to superiority and magnanimity”

I am Dong-min Dong.

The No. 1 prescription of the People Power Innovation Committee was a major amnesty.

The plan is to pardon all former leaders Lee Jun-seok and Hong Jun-pyo, and Supreme Council member Kim Jae-won, who were disciplined by the party’s ethics committee and had their party membership suspended.

This is a neglect that the party leadership will accept in the interest of greater harmony, but former leader Lee Jun-seok actually protested, saying he did not want it and that the direction was wrong.

In a moment, Innovation Committee Chairman In Yo-han will call the studio and hear the detailed story in person.

First, reporter Hyeonjae Lee reports on the news of today’s first Innovation Committee meeting.

The People Power Party Innovation Committee held its first meeting and decided to recommend a large amnesty.

This is agenda number 1, and it means that party unity will be promoted as a top priority.

[Kim Gyeong-jin / People Power Innovation짱구카지노 Committee member]
“I know that not only former representative Lee Jun-seok but also Mayor Hong Jun-pyo and Supreme Council member Kim Jae-won are also at stake. Discussion on amnesty for greater harmony and peace within the party…” Former representative Lee Jun-

seok was suspended from party membership for 1 year and 6 months due to remarks about sheep-headed meat, and Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo was suspended from party membership for 10 months due to the flood-damaged golf controversy.

Supreme Council member Kim Jae-won, who was suspended for one year from his party membership for remarks related to Pastor Jeon Gwang-hoon, was also included.

It appears that the intention is to block this in a situation where the possibility of a division in the party, such as the recent ‘Lee Jun-seok new party’, has been raised.

[Kim Kyung-jin / People Power Innovation Committee member]
“Former Representative Yoo Seung-min and former Representative Lee Jun-seok are fully willing to meet, and for the development of the party and integration within the party, I see no reason to avoid meeting.”

However, former Representative Lee immediately protested as soon as the Innovation Committee announced his pardon.

Former Representative Lee said, “It is the job of the Innovation Committee to publicly point out the unreasonable process of seizing party power and demand reflection,” and added, “The magnanimous approach of asserting superiority and giving is making the situation worse.”

In order for the disciplinary action against them to be lifted, a resolution by the Supreme Committee is required after receiving an official recommendation from the Innovation Committee.

It is known that the People Power Party leadership, including Representative Kim Ki-hyun, agrees to the amnesty.

This is Hyeonjae Lee from Channel A News.

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