From pool villa travel to imported cars… Will the gift given by Jeon Cheong-jo to Nam Hyeon-hee be returned?

As former national fencing team member Jeon Cheong-jo, who was known to be the marriage partner of Nam Hyeon-hee, is being토토사이트 sued and accused of fraud one after another, attention is focused on whether the expensive gifts that Nam allegedly received from Jeon can be recovered.

Mr. Nam has been revealing the gifts he received from Mr. Jeon on social media .

Last August, he posted a photo of an imported car worth around 300 million won, and also revealed a photo of a trip to a pool villa worth 12 million won per night.

Photos of expensive gifts, including luxury bags worth around 8 million won, were also posted one after another.

As these gifts are presumed to have been obtained by Mr. Jeon with money stolen through fraud, fraud victims and netizens are claiming that all gifts should be confiscated.

Although it is clearly stated in the Act on Concealment of Crime Proceeds, if the property subject to confiscation belongs to another person, confiscation is difficult.

However, confiscation is possible if another person acquires the property while knowing the circumstances of the criminal’s crime.

It appears that the key will be how the investigative agency views the relationship between Mr. Nam and Mr. Jeon.

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