“It’s expensive, but is there anything you can do?”… Even with KRW 1.3 billion, the model house is ‘busy’

‘Imun I-Park Xi’ (Imun District 3), located in Imun-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, is entering the subscription schedule. As the Imun-dong area goes up for sale all at once, there are high expectations that ‘heaven will change’. However, the sale price, which has risen by 300 million won in just 6 months, is a factor that causes prospective subscribers to worry.

According to the real estate industry on the 30th, starting with special supply on this day, Imun I-Park Xi will receive first priority subscriptions on the 31st and second priority subscriptions on the 1st of next month.

This complex will be built by a consortium of HDC Hyundai Development Company and GS Engineering & Construction. It consists of 26 buildings from 6 floors underground to 41 floors above ground, 3 apartment complexes with a total of 4,321 households, and 1 officetel building with 594 rooms. It has the largest number of households among Imun and Hwigyeong New Towns. The sales volume is a total of 1,467 households ranging from 20 to 102㎡.

Looking at the number of households by exclusive area, Complex 1 △59㎡ ( A1 , B1 ) is 398 households, Complex 2 △20㎡A 77 households △41㎡A 9 households △59㎡ ( A2 , B2 , C) 569 households △84㎡ (A, B, C) 278 households △102㎡(A, P) 935 households including 2 households, 3 complexes △59㎡(D, E, F) 45 households △84㎡(D, E, F, G) 67 Furniture △134 households, including 22 of 99㎡A, will be supplied.

First, there is an advantage that the Imun-Hwigyeong-dong area will change all at once. In Imun-Hwigyeong New Town, ‘Hwigyeong Haemoro Prestige’ (Hwigyeong District 1) and ‘Hwigyeong SK View’ (Hwigyeong District 2) have already moved in. ‘Hwigyeong Xi Discencia’ (Hwigyeong District 3) also completed its subscription last April, and development of Hwigyeong New Town is virtually complete.

In Imun-dong, ‘Raemian La Grande’ (Imun District 1) completed its subscription last August. Following this, Lee Moon I-Park Xi will be making subscriptions this time. The remaining space in Imun New Town is ‘Hillstate Castle’ (3,628 households), built by a consortium of Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Lotte Engineering & Construction, awaiting sale. When Imun and Hwigyeong New Town are completed, it is expected to become a mini new town with 14,000 households.

Transportation is also good. It is right in front of Foreign Studies University Station on Seoul Subway Line 1 and is within walking distance of Shinimun Station on Line 1. You can walk to Cheonsan Mountain and Jungnangcheon Stream, and within the complex, you can also enjoy a ‘mountain view’ where you can see Mangwu Mountain and Yongmasan Mountain.

Schools such as Imun Elementary School, Seokgwan Middle School, Seokgwan High School, Kyunghee Middle School, and Kyunghee High School are within walking distance, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and Kyunghee University are also nearby. There are also various convenient facilities such as Lotte Department Store Cheongnyangni Branch, Costco Sangbong Branch, Homeplus Sangbong Branch, E-Mart Mukdong Branch, Kyunghee Medical Center, and Sahmyook Seoul Hospital.

Mr. A, who is in his 50s and lives in Imun-dong, said, “I have been living in Imun-dong for a long time, but who would have thought this area would change like this?” and “I visited the model house with the intention of making an application because it is a complex with the largest number of households in the area.” said.

An official from the sales office of this complex said, “It has the advantage of having differentiated designs for each complex and excellent location conditions,” and added, “As the complexes previously introduced in Imun and Hwigyeong New Town have all achieved good sales results, this subscription is not expected to be unreasonable.” “He explained.

There is a lot of talk about the selling price, which is the key to making a subscription. The average selling price of this complex is 35.5 million won per 3.3㎡. Excluding specialized designs, the sale price by exclusive area (based on the highest price) is △59㎡ 1,008.92 million won, △84㎡ 1,302.29 million won, △99㎡ 1,577.83 million won, △102㎡ 1,672.46 million won. If the balcony expansion fee is added, the sale price rises further to스포츠토토 around 20 million won.

The sales price soared steeply compared to the complexes that were put up for sale this year. The average selling price of Raemian La Grande, sold last August, was 1.099 billion won for an exclusive use of 84㎡, and Hwigyeong Xi Discensia, sold last 

A couple in their 30s living in Gwangjin-gu said, “The sale price is so much higher than I expected that I can’t even dream of getting an exclusive 84㎡ unit,” and added, “I’m thinking of subscribing to an exclusive 59㎡ unit.” Mr. B, in his 40s from Imun-dong, said, “I was shocked because the sale price was higher than I expected,” and added, “It is true that the price of each complex these days starts from 1 billion won, so it is honestly burdensome.”

On the other hand, there is also an atmosphere of acceptance of the sale price to some extent. Mr. B, in his 40s from Dobong-gu, said, “I heard a lot about the sale price continuing to rise due to the increase in construction costs and property prices, but when I actually came to the site and heard the price, I felt it was high. But from the perspective of a prospective subscriber, is there any point? I expect it to rise further in the future.” “If I think about it, I think I have no choice but to put it up for subscription,” he said.

Mr. C, in his 50s, whom I met at the model house, also said, “Isn’t it said to be the largest complex in Imun New Town?” and “Considering the double station area, school district, and convenience facilities, it is a price worth applying for.”

Meanwhile, over 10,000 prospective subscribers visited the Imun I-Park Xi model house, which opened on the 27th, over the weekend.

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