Nam Hyun-hee “I didn’t know about Jeon Cheong-jo’s investment… “I live only as an athlete.”

Former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee (42) claimed that she had “no knowledge of the circumstances of the fraud” in relation to suspicions of collusion in connection with the alleged investment fraud of her ex-lover Jeon Cheong-jo (27), who was known to be her husband-to-be.

In an interview with Channel A held at his parents’ home in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 28th, Mr. Nam said, “I don’t understand why (Mr. Jeon) said he did it because of me when I didn’t even know what he had invested in.” claimed that it was irrelevant.

He said, “They (the people who invested) all say, ‘Mr. Jeon told me not to tell Nam Hyun-hee,’” and presented the circumstances as showing that Mr. Jeon’s fraudulent activities were not related to him.

Mr. Nam said, “It is confusing and unfair. “I wonder how one person can play around with so many people, and I wonder if what happened is real,” he said. “It’s almost all things that he (Mr. Jeon) said he wanted to do and took the lead. “It was everything from one to ten,” he said, complaining of injustice.

Mr. Nam claimed that he too was deceived by Mr. Jeon.

He said, “(Mr. Jeon called his mother), ‘Mom, where was I born?’ and my mother (the person on the other end of the phone pretending to be on the phone) said ‘New York’ with great difficulty.” He continued, “(Mr. Jeon) started crying and said, ‘Mom, my friend. “When I asked, ‘Dad, who is this?’ he kept saying, ‘You can’t say this.’ In the end, he said, ‘I’m so-and-so.’”

According to Mr. Nam, after the first interview with Mr. Jeon was published and a post questioning Jeon’s identity spread online, a woman who claimed that Mr. Jeon was a ‘friend from Ganghwa hometown’ said to Nam, ‘You are (out of wedlock), so what should I do if you can’t tell me about this?’ It is said that he reassured.

Also, at the time of their relationship, a person who identified himself as the chairman of a casino group and Jeon’s father sent Nam a KakaoTalk message saying, “It will be very difficult to become a daughter-in-law, but can you handle it?”

Mr. Nam, who belatedly found out that all of this was Jeon’s own play, said, “The once peaceful family and academy have now completely collapsed. I don’t know where to start or what to do about it.”

He also apologized, saying, “After living as 온라인카지노an athlete for 20 years, I think I was a bit ignorant about many of these things. In the end, I am truly sorry that this problem arose because of me.”

Previously, Kim Min-seok, a member of Seoul’s Gangseo District Council, submitted a petition to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the 28th, requesting that six people, including Nam and Jeon, be investigated for fraud and attempted fraud.

Representative Kim said through social media (SNS), “There are parts that do not make logical sense, such as Mr. Nam saying that he knew that Jeon was a woman and that she believed she was pregnant,” and “If Mr. Nam was truly a victim, the exact amount he suffered was not correct. ” I need to let you know. “The real victims took her loans and handed them over to Jeon, and she endures her days with her blood and tears to repay those loans,” he said.

Representative Kim also said, “We received additional information that the Bentley that Ms. Nam received from Ms. Jeon was already sold,” and she asserted, “She must find the whereabouts of the proceeds of crime.”

The police are currently starting an investigation into Mr. Jeon. Songpa Police Station in Seoul is investigating two cases of accusations of fraud against Mr. Jeon.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “As suspicions of fraud related to Mr. Jeon have recently spread, we have transferred the attempted fraud complaint case already filed at Gangseo Police Station in Seoul to Songpa Station and are conducting a combined investigation.”

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