‘Urine beer controversy’ shocks Tsingtao sales… I had fun with this beer during that time.

Sales of Tsingtao Beer in China have been plummeting since a video was released showing an employee urinating on raw materials at a local production plant in Tsingtao, China. The Tsingtao beer importer explained that products produced at the controversial factory are for the Chinese domestic market and are not sold domestically, but the decline in sales is becoming a reality, and imported beers from Japan and the United States appear to be benefiting.

According to the industry on the 29th, since카지노사이트 the controversy over ‘urinating beer’ spread on the 21st, Qingdao sales at convenience stores have been plummeting by 20-40% compared to the previous week. As of the 21st to 26th, sales of Tsingtao beer at convenience store A decreased by 41.3% compared to the previous week, and at convenience store B, it also decreased by 30.6%. Tsingtao Beer was a popular product that ranked in the top 3 to 5 in terms of sales among canned beers at convenience stores, but it slipped out of the top 5 after the urination video incident.

After the controversy, convenience store sales decreased by about 30%.As of September this year, $27 million (approximately 36.7 billion won) worth of Chinese beer, including Tsingtao, was imported into Korea, ranking third after Japan and the Netherlands. The largest imports were followed by the United States ($12.69 million), Poland ($11.85 million), Germany ($10.85 million), and Ireland ($10.21 million). However, it seems inevitable that Chinese beer will be hit by this incident.

In fact, at Convenience Store A, Tsingtao maintained its 3rd place in sales among imported beers, but slipped to 7th place after the 21st. Instead, Budweiser of the United States and Heineken of the Netherlands took this place, and sales of Japan’s Asahi, which ranked second, also increased by 20.4%. Convenience store B also saw an increase in sales during the same period, including American Budweiser (33.1%) and Belgian Stella (35.8%). Convenience store C also saw an increase in sales from American Budweiser (3rd place) and Dutch Heineken (4th place), while Asahi (10%) sales also increased.

An industry official said, “In the past, during the ‘No Japan’ (boycott of Japanese products), the boycott of Japanese beer lasted for more than two years.” He added, “Because there are many substitutes in the beer market, the trend of ignoring Tsingtao beer is likely to continue for a while.” .

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