Kulusevski, get your head around it…”Excluding Son Heung-min”, the top 5 best wingers of all time

In an interview with TNT Sports in the UK on Thursday (July 14), Kulusebski named his top five wingers of all time in the Premier League (PL).

At the top of Kulusebski’s list of the five best PL wingers of all time is Tottenham senior Gareth Bale. Bale developed into one of the league’s leading players at Spurs. He didn’t play in the PL for long after his potential exploded, but in his short time there, he made a huge impact, winning the PFA Player of the Year twice, Team of the Year three times, and Premier League Player of the Year. He deserves to be highly regarded.레모나토토 주소

Surprisingly, number four is Willian, a former Chelsea player who now plays for Fulham. Willian is also a very talented player. Along with Eden Hazard, he was the centerpiece of Chelsea’s attack. He has won several trophies, including two PL titles and the FA Cup.

In third place is Mohamed Salah. Salah is arguably the best player in the PL. Salah didn’t have much success at Chelsea, but when he moved to Liverpool, he rejoined the PL and has been putting in monster performances every season since. He’s been named FIFA World Player of the Year three times, PL top scorer three times, PL Player of the Year, PFA Player of the Year twice, and Team of the Year three times.

The only player Kuluszewski rated higher than Salah was Ronaldo. The PL’s last Ballon d’Or winner, Ronaldo is often regarded locally as the best winger in PL history. Since his move to Real Madrid, Ronaldo has played more like a striker than a winger, but during his time at United, he was a devastating winger with both pace and goalscoring ability.

For Kluczewski, the best winger in PL history was Azar. A two-time UEFA Team of the Year, PL Player of the Year, PL Assist of the Year, PFA Player of the Year, and four-time Team of the Year, Azar’s list of accolades is long. It’s no exaggeration to say that he was the king of the PL during his time at Chelsea.

It’s entirely a personal choice, but I can’t help but feel that Kuluszewski didn’t pick Son Heung-min. Bale, Salah, Ronaldo, and Azaar may not be on his radar, but it’s not surprising that he’s rated higher than Willian. His individual accolades, including PL top scorer, PFA Team of the Year, and 11 Ballon d’Ors, are way ahead of Willian.

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