Conditions Rehabilitation + Enzyme Effect…Okinawa Found After 4 Years, Can’t Be Better

The Kia Tigers have been holding their final spring training camp in Kin-cho, Okinawa, Japan, since April 1. It’s been four years since Kia returned to Japan after their 2019 spring training camp. After holding their final camp in Korea that year, the Tigers moved their spring training camp to Florida to coincide with the appointment of manager Matt Williams. Without an indoor training center, it was impossible to fulfill all the schedules with outdoor training, and the high cost of living compared to Korea was also considered a barrier to Japan. After the coronavirus pandemic, Kia held its finals camp in Korea for three years.

Four years later, the team returned to Japan. Kia was surprised by the changes in the environment.

Kincho Stadium, which had only an outdoor field, has been transformed. An indoor stadium has been completed next to the field. In the previous camps, if the weather conditions were not favorable, we had no choice but to train with weights and autonomous training in the hostel without outdoor training. It was not easy to train perfectly in a limited space. However, with the completion of the indoor stadium, pitchers and fielders can train regardless of weather conditions.

Kin-cho Stadium is the spring training site for the Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Pacific League. Not only Rakuten but also KIA used the stadium for training, but the conditions were not 100% perfect. “We were surprised to see that the indoor stadium was completed,” says a KIA official, “and we no longer have to deal with the weather.모닝토토 주소

The Kincho Indoor Stadium, which was completed in January, covers an area of 21,711.61 square meters and is lined with artificial turf, making it possible to practice infield fungo and defense. There is a conference room for meetings, locker rooms, showers, and equipment storage. When not in use for camps and other training sessions, it can be utilized as a futsal, gateball, and tennis facility for local residents.

Since the facility was recently completed, you might be worried about the high rent. However, due to the energizer bunny effect, KIA has been conducting its finishing camp at a lower cost compared to domestic away training. Compared to pre-COVID-19, the facility fee is 20% lower.

With the optimal conditions to focus on training, the KIA players have been working hard for the past three weeks and are determined to rebound in the new season. Outfielder Lee Chang-jin (32), the most experienced player in the final camp, said, “The players are all motivated to do well in good conditions.” Kia coach Kim Jong-guk also said, “The players are showing motivation in good conditions. They are training hard without any reservations,” he said.

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